Who Was Loujain Adada’s Husband? What Was His Net Worth? How Did He Die?

The amazing Loujain Adada, often known as LJ, is one cast member about whom a tonne of inquiries has already been made. Although Loujain has a traumatic past, her Instagram is full of beautiful modeling images. she is a real working model and has presented TV shows.

All About Walid Juffali

Loujain Adada lost her millionaire spouse Walid Juffali in 2016. Walid Juffali was a wealthy businessman who was born on April 30, 1955, into one of the wealthiest families in Saudi Arabia. His family controls one of the businesses in the Middle East, with a worth pegged at nearly $9 billion.

Walid served as the chairman of the largest privately held company in Saudi Arabia, E.A. Juffali & Brothers, as well as W Investments, his investment firm, the S American Banks, as well as the Saudi Cement Company. Simply put, he held numerous significant positions at numerous large corporations. Walid traveled to America to get a degree from the University of San Diego before pursuing a Ph.D. in neurology at Imperial College, London.

Walid And LJ’s Grand Wedding Ceremony

Walid got married for the third time, and each wedding was fantastic. The couple wed in 2012 in Venice, Italy, & celebrated with a ball with a Venetian theme because, well, what else would you expect?! Even though LJ was just 25 years old compared to Walid’s 60, the couple nonetheless threw a big party. Loujain reportedly donned a $3 million diamond necklace for the extravagant $10 million wedding. LJ was practically dressed to the nines in designer clothes, including her Chanel gown. Akon sang during their wedding.

Loujain Adada

Walid’s marriage to Loujain was somewhat complicated by the fact that he was already wed to Christina Estrada, an American supermodel, at the time. Based on a 2008 study that was released in Islamic Law & Society, having numerous wives is permitted under Saudi law. Before getting married in 2001, Christina and Walid had been dating for almost 13 years. ICYMI, Estrada dated Prince Andrew as well. In 2000, she was connected to the disgraced prince. Walid allegedly “secretly” wed Loujain, which drove Christina to seek a divorce, per the New York Post. Later, Walid claimed that he secretly divorced Christina in 2014 following Islamic law in Saudi Arabia.

In any case, Christina & Walid went through an expensive and widely publicized divorce. Although there isn’t a precise figure available and estimations in the media have changed, Walid’s net worth was unquestionably enormous. He was estimated to be worth £8 billion ($9.2 billion) just at the time of his passing. Christina requested $312 million in the divorce agreement but only received $100 million in 2016.

That was not, however, his only divorce. Walid also reached a $62 million settlement in his divorce from his 1st wife, Basma Al-Sulaiman, back in 2000. Walid struggled with cancer for several years before dying in 2016. Not shortly after he & Loujain got married, he found out about his diagnosis. Two gorgeous children, Talia, age seven, and Lana, born in May 2016, belong to Loujain. The loss of her husband devastated the family. In the middle of her pregnancy, he received a cancer diagnosis.


1. Who was Loujain Adada’s husband?

Ans. Walid Juffali

2. What was Walid Juffali’s net worth?

Ans.  £8 billion

3. How Did Walid Juffali Die?

Ans. Cancer

4. How much money did Walid Juffali’s 1st wife get after the divorce settlement?

Ans. $62 million

5. When did Walid Juffali die?

Ans. 2016

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