Who is Sukihana? Age, Height, Boyfriends, and Net Worth? 2022

If you are a fan of hers, then you must be curious to know more about Sukihana. Read this article to know about sukihana net worth, age, height, dating, biography, hookups and more. Below we will be going to discuss everything in detail about her personal and work life.

Who is Sukihana?

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Sukihana is an American actress, rapper and TV personality, who is so popular and famous for her reality TV shows. She is also the main cast of a popular reality web series called Love and Hip Hop: Miami. Sukihana new music video is ‘Wolf Pussy’, which is a mixtape, which got popular and loved by her fans. The actress was born on 15th November 1991. Currently, she is 30 years old in 2022. Sukihana full name is ‘Destiny Lanette Henderson‘. 

Is Sukihana Dating?

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As of 2022, according to reports, Sukihana is single and not dating anyone. Sukihana and bill used to date each other, but recently they separated, she revealed to the media and her fans. She admitted that dating publicly in the same music industry can ruin and destroy her career. In an interview, it is asked ‘How it feels to date in the music industry? She answered that ‘if you love somebody and being in a public relationship with them can destroy your career, and she also mentioned if you are a woman’. So according to her statement and interview, the TV personality is single for now.

Sukihana Boyfriends and Past Relationships?

Before her boyfriend Bill, Sukihana dated Khaotic, he is a very popular and famous rapper. He is the star of the Love and Hip Hop mixtape, in which the ex-couple worked together. But for some reasons and issues, the relationship doesn’t last. And they decided to get separated and broke up. It is believed that the couple broke up because Khaotic filmed a sukihana music video without her permission and consent.

Sukihana Net Worth 2022

As we are aware that sukihana is an American actor, rapper and famous television personality. She did a few popular reality TV shows and got famous and popular. Her fans really loved her in the show and also her songs are popular and precious to her fans. For example, sukihana everywhere song got so much success and is loved by her fans.


She has a huge fan following on her social media accounts. Sukihana Instagram is @sukihanagoat. If you are also a fan of hers, you can give her a follow! She earned a good worth and success for herself by music only, sukihana net worth is $1 million dollars in the year 2022. And which is a great achievement for a solo rising star.

How much is Sukihana Height?

In her 30s, sukihana has an amazing body, figure and height. As she is also an actress and model expect rapper. She has to maintain her body for her Instagram posts and her fans. Sukihana is very consistent with her Instagram account, she posts there regularly and very religiously. Sukihana height is 5 feet 1 inch. The colour of her eyes and hair is black.

Sukihana Biography

Name Destiny Lanette Henderson
Profession Rapper, Actor, TV Personality
Father No info available on the internet
Mother Lori Lee
Sukihana Nationality American


1. Which Sukihana songs are popular?

Her popular songs are No One, Grinch, Throw That Thang etc.

2. Are Sukihana and Bill in a relationship?

-No, the couple broke up some time ago.

3. Who is Sukihana baby father?

-Kill Bill.

4. Sukihana food?

-Her favourite food is lo mein noodles with sesame chicken.

5. About sukihana restaurant?

-Sukihana restaurant serves a variety of food.

6. What is the sukihana nationality?

-Her nationality is American.

7. What is sukihana zodiac sign?


8. Where can you find sukihana everywhere music video?

-It is available on YouTube.

9. What is sukihana sushi?

-It’s the name of her restaurant that serves Japanese cuisine.

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