Who is Nick Viall Dating? Nick Viall’s Dating Life

Nick Viall rose to prominence as a Bachelor and Bachelorette contestant. We can discuss more who is Nick Viall Dating right now and his dating history. ‘The Bachelor’, a dating and love reality show, debuted on ABC in 2002. It lasted 25 seasons, with the 25th season ending in March 2021. Because of its popularity as a reality show, it spawned a slew of spinoffs.

Among the spinoffs were- The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, and Bachelor Pad. They became known as ‘The Bachelor Franchise’ as a group. Alex Michael appeared on the first season of The Bachelor. Chris Harrison has been the host since the first season. Nick appeared on The Bachelorette twice, in season ten and eleven. In addition, he appeared in the third season of Bachelor in Paradise.


Who is Nick Viall?

Who is Nick Viall

Nick Viall was born in Wisconsin, USA, on September 29, 1980. Mary and Christopher Viall are his parents. Nick was a fantastic athlete. He won the 800-meter run at the WIAA State Track & Field Championships in 1999 while still in High School. Nick has a respectable job with an executive position, even though he doesn’t talk much about it. He works with Salesforce as an Account Executive. Salesforce is a software firm that operates on the cloud. Nick’s topic is customer relationship management. And how it may help the business flourish. He probably avoids bringing up the shows, since being a software nerd doesn’t sound very tempting.


Nick Viall Dating in Bachelorette:

Nick Viall Dating in Bachelerotte

Nick appeared on The Bachelorette in 2014, during its tenth season. He was initially introduced as one of Andi Dorfman’s suitors. He started dating Andi and had a fantastic relationship with her. Nick was one of the season’s finalists. But Nick wasn’t as fortunate as he imagined. Andi chooses Josh Murray over Nick, the second finalist. On the other hand, Andi says she’s still friends with Nick. Nick did not give up and returned to ‘The Bachelorette’ in the next season. Kaitlyn Bristowe accepted him as a date, and they admitted to sleeping together. They communicated every day and FaceTime. However, Nick was saddened once more. Shawn Booth is Kaitlyn’s partner of choice.


Nick Viall Dating in ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Period:

Nick Viall Dating in Bachelor Paradise Period

Nick then appeared on the third season of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’, where Leah Block asked him out. They kissed and spent some time together. But to Leah’s chagrin, he moved on to Amanda Stanton after receiving a date card from her. They had some heated moments together.

However, Nick’s enemy from Season 10 of ‘The Bachelorette’ reappeared. Josh arrived and asked Amanda out. Nick had difficulty finding a date, but in the third week of Paradise, he met Jen Saviano. The couple advanced to the finals and even planned an engagement. They broke up with Viall, claiming he wasn’t sure about them. After that, they split ways.


Who is Nick Viall Dating Right now?

Who does Nick Viall Dating Right now

Nick’s dating life on the set of BachelorNation was exciting. He also stated that he was not interested in dating famous people. After breaking off his engagement with Vanessa Grimaldi, the BachelorNation alum is now dating Natalie Joy. Natalie is a neurologist with a surgical specialty. She slipped into Nick’s Instagram DMs, according to one of his Viall Files.

The couple is overjoyed, and Nick’s friend supports their relationship. Nick has even stated that being around her motivates him to be a better person. They began dating in 2019 but kept their relationship a secret for quite some time. Throughout the pandemic, they remained together. Nick and Natalie are on their way to Hawaii for a vacation.


Nick Viall and Natalie Joy First Meetup:

Nick Viall and Natalie Joy First Meetup

In one of his interviews, Nick stated that Natalie texted him first, which he appreciated because it defied the stereotype that a guy should text a girl first. They began talking and since fell in love. Nick stated in one of the interviews that he is single. But then added that he is still chatting. It’s assumed that he was referring to Natalie. Nick, on the other hand, posted a video of himself cleaning the pool in September 2020. After a while, Natalie posted a photo of herself exiting the same collection on her official Instagram. They also continued to hang out together, according to Nick.


Natalie Joy is Nick Viall’s latest girlfriend. Natalie and Nick are head over heels in love. Even though they have only been dating for a short period, we can already smell a forever. Natalie Joy is not a well-known television personality or actor. However, she is a true hero who helped the globe survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

Natalie works as a surgical technician. She assists doctors who are performing procedures to save lives. She is claimed to have worked a double shift during the epidemic, and Nick admires and admires her for doing her job. Natalie shared a photo on her official Instagram account of herself wearing a doctor’s gown, glowing, and applying a hair mask.