Who is Michael Oher’s Girlfriend? And What are the Michael Oher Net Worth Secrets?

Michael Oher is an American football player, who is professional and qualified. The footballer has also played 8 seasons in the National Football League (NFL). He is a successful and popular football player. When he used to play football in his college days in Mississippi. And where he steals the heart of Americans and gains a lot of fame and fans for his sports.

Michael Oher

The player was born on 28 May 1986 and he belongs from Memphis, Tennessee. Currently, Michael is 36 years old. Michael has achieved a lot of things in his life and has come so far. In this article, we will talk about his net worth, relationships, dating life etc. Below we will provide everything in detail, if you are a fan, then keep on reading. If you have come this far, then it’s obvious you are also a fan of Michael Oher

About Michael Oher’s Girlfriend and His Dating Life

Michael Oher doesn’t have a girlfriend right now, because he is married to Tiffany Roy. Michael is a well-settled family man. Tiffany Roy is a businesswoman. And they both have known each other for a very long time. Also, the couple is been married for a long time now. But there is no exact information available about their marriage dates. According to sources, it is confirmed that the couple has a son. Michael’s brother shared a picture a long time ago, in which Oher’s son is also spotted in a family photograph.

When it comes to the past relationships and exes of the couple. There is no information available on the internet and media. It might be possible that they haven’t dated anyone before, other than their current partners. In 2022 also, not much info is available. It seems that the couple doesn’t want to reveal any of their personal details about the relationship.

Michael Oher Net Worth

As we are aware of Michael’s profession, he is an American football player. He is a successful and famous player, who is very passionate about his profession and football. Michael Oher net worth is $20 million dollars. Oher created and achieved great worth in his life and career. He has achieved everything by playing football and working hard for his profession. The footballer achieved everything on his own.

Tiffany Roy Net Worth

Tiffany Roy is a qualified forensic DNA expert. She is very professional in this occupation, as she has an experience of over 13 years in forensic biology. She has experience in both private and public laboratories in America, United States. Tiffany is also very successful and famous in her life.

After getting married to Michael she automatically gained fame, power and wealth in her career. Sadly Tiffany Roy net worth is unknown, her net worth is not exposed or revealed on the internet. But she is doing well in her life and living a happily married life with his son and husband Michael.


1. What is the age of Michael Oher?

Michael Oher is 36 years old.

2. When Michael Oher was born?

He was born on May 28, 1986.

3. Profession and occupation of Michael?

He is a professional American football player.

4. The age of Michael’s wife?

Tiffany will turn 40 years old in the year 2022.

5. How many kids do Tiffany and Michael have?

Currently, the couple has only one child.

6. What is the height of Michael Oher?

The height of the footballer is 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m).

7. How many siblings Michael Oher has?

He has 10 siblings.

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