Who Is Jojo Siwa’s Girlfriend? When Did They Make Their Relationship Official?

Companions to lovers! Nobody is shocked that JoJo Siwa & Avery Cyrus have become a romance. After weeks of hyping their affair on TikTok, JoJo uploaded a video of herself and Avery loving and embracing at a Chuck E. Cheese picture booth in September 2022, putting an end to suspicions that they were dating. “Happiest girl” was the caption on the video.

JoJo’s Previous Relationship

Before Avery, JoJo dated Kylie Prew from the start of the summer until the end, as Kylie disclosed in August 2022. In an Instagram Live video that has since been reposted on TikTok, Kylie said that she doesn’t like drama and that talking about it makes her anxious.JoJo and Avery both rapidly moved on from their previous partners! Avery & another TikToker Soph Mosca declared their love in July 2020, which generated a lot of TikToks as well as social media talk about it. But in early August 2022, the couple announced their separation on their Instagram Account.

Jojo Siwa
Jojo Siwa

JoJo and Avery produced several videos together within August, including a “best friend mukbang,” which left many fans perplexed until the couple announced their new relationship on TikTok. In an appearance with Talent Recap in August, JoJo addressed relationship speculations by discussing her friendship with Avery. That has since changed, though, after the social media star asked JoJo for being her love interest during the latest visit to Disney World. The exchange was precious! Avery said on her TikTok account that while on vacation, she went with Tom Siwa, JoJo’s father, to buy spray paint supplies and cover a sheet with the phrase “JoJo Be My GF.”

Who Is Avery Cyrus?

Avery Blanchard, popularly known as Avery Cyrus, is a 22-year-old American TikTok star, owner of a small business, social media influencer, and content creator. Just one day after confirming their romance, JoJo Siwa and her new girlfriend, Avery Cyrus, made their red carpet debut in Los Angeles.

Net Worth Of JoJo Siwa And Avery Cyrus

JoJo Siwa does have a $20 million net worth. Siwa began making appearances on “Dance Moms” after becoming well-known on “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.” Although reality TV undoubtedly contributed to JoJo’s rise to fame, her true success only came after she made a name for herself on YouTube. As of 2020, she has about 12 million members and many of her clips had hundreds of thousands of views. She has been recognized as one of the world’s most influential persons. According to sources, Avery Cyrus’ net worth as of 2022 is thought to be between $500k and $1 million. Her salary and other financial information have not yet been made public. Avery has more than 8 million followers, and 279.2 million people have liked one of her humorous videos.

Unexpectedly shocking her admirers, JoJo Siwa presented a daring new hairdo. The So You Think You Can Dance judge displayed her freshly cropped locks while walking the red carpet in a stylish pink feathered top. It seems that she applied the color herself.

Siwa, 19, published a TikTok yesterday demonstrating how she prepared for the occasion by using a Beautyblender to apply pink hair dye in a video titled “The procedure.”

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