Who Is Eddie Redmayne’s Wife? Read More Know About Hannah Bagshawe

The relationship between actor Eddie Redmayne and his wife, Hannah Bagshawe, was not precisely love at first sight. They were good friends for for ten years before falling in love, getting engaged, and being married in late 2014, much like so many wonderful couples. Iris and Luke, the couple’s two lovely kids, were born after they got married, and Bagshawe and the celebrated Fantastic Beasts actor occasionally appear looking picture-perfect at red carpet occasions like the Met Gala.

Her Work

Bagshawe was not Redmayne’s publicist, despite what several publications said. She has, nevertheless, worked as an antiques trader and in finance public relations.

She Is A Late Comer

Redmayne once admitted to Ellen DeGeneres that his wife is never on time—not even for their wedding! We’d wager that he’s slightly exaggerating his wife’s tardiness for laughs, though. He said, “She has never in her life been on time for anything…she was a good half-hour late.” Her grandfather had to provide assistance by going and calling for her.

But her fiance looked to be taking it all in stride. Everyone else was under a lot of stress, but he seemed to be in a calm mood because he knew she had never been on time for anything before.

She Makes Sure Her Husband Never Forgets His Roots

Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawes Relationship Timeline featured

Despite the fact that he has won an Oscar for his acting, he is also a father and a spouse who occasionally has to deal with damaged appliances. Redmayne told a sweet tale about Bagshawe reminding him about his housework while he was at work in 2015. He recalled a time yesterday when his wife called him while he was in rehearsal to report a problem with their dishwasher. “So he was dealing with the obstructed pipes while attempting to concentrate on his craft.”

She Remains Unnoticed

Even though Bagshawe frequently joins her renowned spouse at red carpet events, she maintains a rather low profile when it comes to her personal and professional life. She doesn’t have a public Instagram and the paparazzi hardly ever take pictures of her.


In June 2016, the couple welcomed their baby, Iris Mary. The Redmayne – Bagshawe family appears to be living in harmony since their son Luke Richard joined the group in March 2018. “For me, getting married is the most beautiful accomplishment of them all since it gave me the opportunity to be a dad.


1. Who is Eddie Redmayne?

A. He is an English Actor

2.Who is Eddie Redmayne’s wife?

A. Hannah Bagshawe

3. How much is Eddie Redmayne’s net worth?

A. $ 15 million

4. What is Eddie Redmayne’s age?

A. He is 40 years old

5. What is Eddie Redmayne height?

A. 5 ft 10 inches

6. What is Eddie Redmayne Nationality?

A. United Kingdom

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