Who is Carson Wentz Girlfriend? And What’s So Shocking About His Net Worth?

Carson Wentz is a professional football player. His nationality is American. He was also a part of the national football league (NFL). During his college days, Carson played in a few championships and won them. He was only interested in football from his early teenage life. The footballer is very passionate towards this game and his profession.


He was born on 30 December 1992 in ‘North Carolina’. Currently, the age of the player is 29 years old. If you are into games and sports, then we are sure you must be a fan of Carson and football too. In this article, we will discuss his professional and personal life, with his dating history, current relationship and net worth. To know more about him, stay tuned.

Carson Wentz Girlfriend and Dating History

Carson Wentz is currently not dating anyone. But he’s not single too, because he is married. Carson is married to ‘Madison Oberg’, who is officially his wife. They both met in 2017 when they were spotted on a trip to Haiti. After some time they started dating each other. And after for dating almost a year, the couple got married in 2018. They tied the knot of the wedding at the lake house in Pennsylvania. And Carson took her wife for a honeymoon in Greece.

Carson’s past relationship and his ex-girlfriend was ‘Melissa Uhrich’. There are numerous rumours about them, that Carson will marry his higher school sweetheart. But unfortunately, it doesn’t happen, Carson didn’t marry melissa. With her, Carson shared a long-time love story but sadly, it didn’t work for them. They have known each other since their High School days. But in 2017, the couple decided to spilt and had their breakup. They separated without mentioning any reason or claim.

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Carson Wentz Net Worth

Carson is fully involved in football as a profession. He has no interest in other occupations like other players. He is a professional American football player. In this game and in his life, he is very famous and successful. He got many fans and followers through his gaming talent. Carson achieved a lot of growth and success in his career. If you are curious to know about his net worth, then here you can find it. Carson Wentz net worth is $54 million dollars. This information is based on the year 2022.


Madison Oberg Net Worth

Madison Oberg is a partner of ‘Oberg Law Group’, A.P.C. Just like her husband, she is also very famous, popular and most importantly successful in her life. She is independent and powerful, and she doesn’t need to be dependent on her husband, especially for the money. Financially the couple is so strong, together and individually too. But after marriage, by borrowing her husband’s name, she got famous and successful at the same time. Madison Oberg net worth is $15 million dollars, in 2022. And that’s a very good worth and money that she created all by herself.

Melissa Uhrich Net Worth

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Melissa is also a very successful and famous woman in her career. She created and achieved a good worth for herself. Melissa studied with Carson in the same High School. But there is no information available regarding her net worth and occupation.