What Social Media Can’t Tell You About Post Malone Girlfriend and His Net Worth?

Post Malone is a professional American rapper and singer. If you are also a fan and in love with his songs and raps, then you must be curious to know about him. There is a lot going on in his personal and work life, and we are sure you will be interested in knowing. Stay tuned with us to know more about a post malone girlfriend, dating, age, height, net worth and more. Below we will tell you everything in detail.

Who is Post Malone?

As we read above, and if you are a fan of his, then you must already know. He is a professional and successful rapper from America. The real name of the rapper is ‘Austin Richard Post‘. Post Malone is his professional stage name. The rapper was born on 4 July 1995 and belongs to Syracuse, New York, United States. He is a true American, who belongs and was raised in the U.S only. Currently, he is 27 years old and already got so much fame and popularity in his profession. Post malone is so successful and famous in this field and career.

Post Malone Girlfriend and Dating History

In 2022, post malone is dating and he is not single. The name of his new girlfriend is Jamie. The couple started dating each other a very long time ago. She’s been his girlfriend for a very long time, and according to reports, the couple is expecting their first child together in May 2022. Also in June 2022, post malone revealed and accepted that they both dating and engaged to his girlfriend. And the couple is gifted with a baby daughter. According to his statement, his girlfriend is now his fiance and not a girlfriend anymore.

If we take a look at Post Malone’s dating history and his ex-girlfriends. He has dated quite a lot of celebrities and actresses in his past life. But due to some issues and problems he has ended the relationship with them. A few names of his exes are MLMA, Kano Shimpo and Ashlen Diaz. These are his exes, which are revealed on the internet and in the media. If we had other ex-partners, then there is no more information available on the internet about his past dating life. But, unfortunately, they didn’t make it work out and broke up with each other.

Post Malone Net Worth

Being a rapper and a singer, Post Malone is also involved in other occupations too. He is a multitasker and multitalented. Post Malone is also a songwriter, guitarist and record producer. In this occupation and music industry, Malone has achieved great success and fame. He is very successful and has a lot of fans on his social media. Post Malone Instagram is @postmalone. He has a fan following of almost 23 Million on Instagram. According to wealth and power, he has achieved great worth to himself and all by himself. Post Malone net worth is $50 Million in the year 2022.

Post Malone Tattoos

He is also famous for his amazing tattoos. Post Malone tattoos are like his identity, he has a number of tattoos on his whole body. Some tattoos are created by himself on his body and he likes to ink them on his friends too, like a tattoo artist. The total number of his tattoos is 79 in 2022.


1. What is post malone net worth?

$50 Million 2022

2. Who is post malone girlfriend?


3. How much is post malone height?

-6ft ½ in 

4. Who is post malone daughter?

-It’s still unknown.

5. How many children’s Post Malone has?

-Only one.

6. Post Malone age?

-27 years.

7. Where you can find post malone sunflower song/

-On YouTube, Spotify and Gaana.

8. Post Malone movies?

-Wrath of man, Jackass forever, Spenser confidential and many more.