We Need To Do Something Ending Explained and Ending Plot Breakdown

Sean King O’Grady directs We Need to Do Something, a 2021 American psychological horror film. The video was shot during the COVID-19 pandemic and is the first film produced by Spin a Black Yarn Productions, which Josh Malerman and Ryan Lewis founded. We Need to Do Something made its international premiere in June 2021 at the Tribeca Film Festival. Critics applauded the film’s characters, use of jump scares, and McCormick’s acting upon its premiere but critiqued its failure to “convey the genuine psychological awfulness of being imprisoned to close your nearest and dearest, with no end in sight.”


Who Survived at the Ending?

Who Survived at the Ending

Mel and her mother, Diane, are still alive, despite everything being a hallucination. The entire film is built on unexpected twists; you may believe “this” will happen, but it never does. The film makes it clear that not everything on the Internet is accurate; nonetheless, if put into action without verification, it can result in a significant loss. All family members appear depressed, fighting something within themselves due to hunger and stress. In conclusion, we see Mel panicked because of what she saw a few moments ago, which now looks utterly ridiculous because everything in the room is the same, and there are no veins.


Ending Plot of We Need To Do Something:

Ending Plot of We Need To Do Something

If you’re here, I’m assuming you’ve watched the movie, so there won’t be any spoilers ahead. We are confident that no one will make it out of the Bathroom before the conclusion. Still, because the entire film is focused on unexpected turns, Diane eventually carves the wall and creates a wide enough space for her to pass through it simply. She doesn’t wait for Mel to wake up, but what worries us the most is that she didn’t try to drag Mel along with her. It appears to be only a few hours of carving in the movie that Diane did, but it is again ambiguous in the text. To the point where Mel is unsure if her mother tried for days, months, or even years.


Plot Summary of We Need To Do Something:

Plot Summary of We Need To Do Something

 The film begins with ominous music over an above image of a little village. The mood is gloomy, with a sense of impending doom. We cut to a family hiding inside a room, debating if the storm is an EF5 tornado or just an ordinary thunderstorm. As the storm worsens, Melissa begins to panic while her younger brother Bobby tries to pass the time by playing games. When the lights go out, Robert, the father, borrows Melissa’s phone to discover what’s happening, only to discover that they’re trapped inside due to a fallen tree blocking the door. Amid the deluge, he inadvertently drops Melissa’s phone.


Ending Explained of We Need To Do Something:

Ending Explained of We Need To Do Something

O’Grady goes for pure shock effect at the ending of We Need To Do Something, as the survivors, Diane and Melissa, scream as someone hacks at the bathroom door. Diane had previously chipped away at a loose brick, clearing out a wide enough gap for her to pass through and survey the situation outside their home. Diane’s fate is never revealed, even though she returns terrified, practically catatonic, and bathed in blood. Terror hacks through the door just as Melissa and Diane are about to calm down, and the screen flashes bright red.


The Best Ending Plot:

The Best Ending Plot

The pair does not survive the finale of We Need to Do Something. However, it is unclear what caused their deaths and whether the creatures are manifestations of Melissa’s guilt. Diane is heartbroken after losing Bobby to a horrific rattlesnake bite. Simultaneously, Robert explodes in wrath following Melissa’s disclosure of the jinx that may have caused this disaster. Robert, who has been rendered blind for unknown reasons, attempts to maim Diane, prompting Melissa to suffocate her father. Are these occurrences the result of a bizarre, unearthly scenario or the inevitable result of an unstable family dynamic? We Need To Do Something never answers these questions, instead ending on a note of obtuse confusion.


The ending of We Needs To Do Something subverts the confining horror genre by positing terror, unknown monsters, entrails, and gore. Teenage Melissa is a mixture of overdone tropes: she is estranged from her family, suffers from an identity issue, and expresses herself through her goth clothes and pink-infused sparkly eyeshadow. Melissa is disoriented and panicked from the start, attempting to contact her classmate Amy via texts that are neither acknowledged nor responded to. Her younger brother, Bobby, is scared of the natural disaster but seeks refuge in the consoling words of his mother, Diane. She is occasionally prompted by her temperamental husband, Robert.