The List of Bronny James Girlfriends: Let’s Take a Look Into his Personal Life

Bronny James, LeBron James’ son, is on track to become an NBA player in 2024. And the world is watching him. We can look deeper into Bronny James Girlfriend.  Scouting reports indicating that he is not expected to be a lottery pick. Being LeBron James’ son is a double-edged sword. While having a celebrity parent allows one to live a luxurious lifestyle, it can significantly impact one’s personal life. Bronny is learning the hard way that whatever he does, makes headlines. The Lakers legend’s son is expected to join the league in the coming years. As a result, the ‘buzz’ around him has grown.

Who is Bronny James?

Who is Bronny James

Bronny James is the eldest son of LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers. Furthermore, the 17-year-old is one of the country’s most rated and renowned High School basketball prospects. LeBron “Bronny” James Jr. has been a prominent personality since birth. When Bronny was a small child, King James used to take him to his father’s games. And there are several photographs of him doing so. James and the Los Angeles Lakers are now negotiating a two-year contract extension for him. Many people have asked about his future in the league because he has stated that he wants to play a season with Bronny.

Peyton Sama is the Bronny James’ Girlfriend:

Peyton Sama is the Bronny James' Girlfriend

The female in the TikTok video is Bronny’s girlfriend, according to Game 7. She goes by the handle @itspeytonbabyy on TikTok. While some speculate that the two are dating, neither has confirmed nor denied this. Despite their unconfirmed relationship, the video went viral on Twitter and Instagram, prompting many to speculate on the female’s identity. Peyton Sama is the girl in the video who is accompanying Bronny. The Vault is managed by the marketing firm Six Degrees of Influence and features many young people who are aspiring social media stars. Peyton is one of those rising stars.

Is Bronny James Dating an Instagram Model?

Is Bronny James Dating an Instagram Model

Because Bronny is already active on social media, the penalty only seemed to last a few weeks. He appears to be dating Isabella, a Miami-based Instagram model. Bronny is rumored to be dating Isabella after leaving a crown emoji comment on one of her photos. Fans believe the influencer is on the right track because she is still blogging about ‘Black Lives Matter’. And the importance of voting between the stunning photos. Nonetheless, fans are confused about their relationship status. After Isabella stated during an Instagram Live session that they were not dating.

Peyton Sama and Bronny James Went to Prom:

Peyton Sama and Bronny James Went to Prom

According to VLAD TV, LeBron James Jr. and his high school love, Peyton Gerfuso, arrived at prom last week in a luxury $326,000 custom Mercedes GT sports car. Bronny is a junior at Sierra Canyon School, whereas Gerfuso is a senior. Bronny has received harsh criticism online for dating Gelfuo. According to the report, one Twitter user stated. “She’s whiter than white, bruh.” “Should’ve had a black queen like his dad,” said another. Another Twitter user stated, “Lost another black king to a money-hungry white female,” while another said, “Bron should do better SMH.”

Bronny James Following his Father’s Words:

Bronny James Following his Father's Words

LeBron James Jr., also known as Bronny, is becoming one of social media’s most famous athletes. The 16-year-old has shown that he has boundless potential. Despite some similarities in their styles, James is not his father’s son. LeBron James commands attention on the court. He can play all five positions. Meanwhile, James is shorter at six feet two inches and primarily plays on the perimeter. James is capable of playing both point guard and shooting guard. His shooting motion was described as fluid. LeBron Jr. chose a different jersey number than his father, possibly distinguishing himself from the most famous people.

When it comes to Bronny’s supposed relationship with Peyton, Twitter has made its feelings rather plain. Some were outraged that Bronny had ended up with a white girl, while others wondered why everyone was so concerned. “Grown males moaning over Bronny dating a white female, like bro have a life,” one user tweeted. “We’re sitting here talking about Bronny James,” said another. Fans questioned why older adults are interested in the romantic life of teenagers. “On this website, there are fully grown people with real-life adult concerns who are concerned about who a 15-year-old is dating.” “You weirdos, let Bronny James alone,” one admirer tweeted.