The Hidden Secrets of David Spade Girlfriend and David Spade Net Worth!

David Spade is a well-known and popular actor. He is recognised for his acting in the American film industry. He earned a lot of fans and David spade movies are loved by his fans. But other than acting he is also involved in many rumours and we are sure you must be curious. If you are also his fan then stay tuned to know more about his net worth, age, dating and girlfriend

Who is David Spade?

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David Spade is a successful and famous actor who works for American movies and industry. And you are already aware that he is an American. He worked for various movies and got popularity and fans based on his acting skills. He started his acting career in 1990 and also works for television shows and dramas. David was born on 22 July 1964 in Michigan, United States. The actor is 58 years old in 2022.

Relationship Status and Dating History of the Actor

As of now in 2022, David is not dating anyone. He chose to be single in 2022. According to sources, there is no partner or girlfriend of the actor as he is single in this year. It seems like he is not interested in dating now and currently focusing on his career and goals. Also, there are no dating rumours found on the internet about the actor.

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David has dated a lot of celebrities and influencers in the past. According to sources and reports he had 20+ relationships in his past life. But because of some issues and problems, the relationship didn’t last. He was never engaged and married to his exes. But in the past, he is married and David spade wife is Jillian Grace. But the marriage didn’t last for long and they had their separation. They also have one daughter together.

David Spade Net Worth

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David is a great actor but other than acting, he is also talented and involved in several other professions. Other occupations of David are TV producer, film producer, stand-up comedian, screenwriter, musician etc. By following so many occupations he has earned great worth and popularity for himself. He is so successful and wealthy in his professional career. David spade net worth is $70 Million US Dollars in the year 2022.

David Spade Height

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David has a great personality and body. As he is a well-known actor. David Spade height is 5ft 5 ¼ inches. You might wonder, that he is short but it is enough to become the successful person that he is.


1. Who is David spade girlfriend?

-No one, he is single in 2022.

2. What is David spade nothing personal?

-It is a TV show by the actor.

3. David spade net worth?

-$70 Million US Dollars

4. David spade height?

-5ft 5 ¼ inches

5. Is David still married?

-No, he is unmarried in 2022.

6. Who is David spade ex-wife?

-Jillian Grace

7. David Spade daughter?

-Harper Spade.

8. What is David spade age?

-58 years.