Ruth Codd: Early Life, Relationship Status, Background, Movies, And Much More

Irish-born Ruth Codd, 26, is as straightforward and outspoken as the woman she portrays in The Midnight Club. Ruth injured her foot when she was 15 years old, and when she was 23 years old and started experiencing difficulties in her leg as a result, she made the painful decision to have it amputated. She later rose to fame on TikTok, where Mike Flanagan first discovered her for The Midnight Club. Her first job in the profession!

Before becoming an actress, Ruth was well-known on TikTok for her films displaying hair and makeup skills as well as her candid and astute insights. She was able to attract 672,000 followers and more than 20 million likes, however owing to a change in her career, she has now deactivated her profile.

Ruth Codd: Early Life, Relationship Status, Background, Movies, And Much More

However, a story highlight on her Instagram enables you to still view some of her older TikTok videos!

Ruth Codd’s Anya Became a Midnight Club Hit: Check How

“They are so much more than their diagnosis,” Codd says. “The emphasis is on their character and their story. Even though they go through this horrible experience, they all have each other.”

Each individual in the aforementioned club has a different background and point of view. Though there is a wide variety of characters in the cast, Codd’s Anya stands out. The group’s heartbeat is Anya, an amputee with a troubled past who gives the show’s moving seventh episode its name, “Anya.” The Midnight Club is Ruth Codd’s debut acting role, despite the fact that she carries a lot of the emotional impact of the performance.

“Casting was harrowing”, creator Mike Flanagan revealed to the media. “Anya was a very difficult role to cast. She is written in the book as an amputee, and we really wanted an actor who was [too].”

Codd, makeup and hair stylist by profession, rose to fame owing to her well-liked Tik Tok page, which she deleted after joining “The Midnight Club” cast.

“We will, [my popularity] happened by accident, and it happened pretty much overnight,” Codd stated in a press release.  “I started it after I was fired as a hairdresser because of COVID. I really enjoyed it, but when it started to look more like a job, I thought, ‘Life is too short. You do not have to do it.’ I really admire people who can come up with content every day, but I just didn’t like it anymore. So I stopped. But I’m so grateful because it got me where I am today. I will always be grateful for the next thing I had on social media.”

Background And Relationships

Ruth joined the cast of The Midnight Club and quickly developed a substantial internet fan base. Codd is a talented woman with an optimistic attitude. She loves to spend her free time with the individuals she cherishes. She likes dogs as well.

Ruth is adorable in whatever she wears. She follows a skincare routine as well as an eating regimen that is healthful. The estimated height of Codd is 5 feet 7 inches, and her weight is about 48 kg.

The name and specifics of her lover remain unknown. Ruth is single, as per rumors. She furthermore posts Instagram pictures of herself with her co-stars. As soon as something changes, a member of our staff will update her personal information.

Net Worth

Ruth earns a decent living as a media professional. Another significant source of revenue for her is through social media platforms. She also earns more money through acting. Ruth’s net worth is estimated to be around 120 K USD.

TV Shows & Movies

  • Scustin: The Killer (2020).
  • The Midnight Club (2022).
  • The Fall of the House of Usher (TBA).