Roy Wood Jr. is the Show’s New Host: Trevor Noah Quits the Daily Show, All You Need To Know About The Daily Show by Trevor Noah

Roy Wood Jr., the host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” is reportedly in the race to replace Trevor Noah as the network’s next host. According to sources with firsthand knowledge, Comedy Central execs see Roy as someone who might potentially become the new face of ‘TDS… for various reasons. Roy joined the show in 2015, the same year Trevor took over as host from Jon Stewart, and he’s since become one of the show’s most famous faces and one of its top correspondents. With that in mind, we’ve been told that CC executives see Roy as a perfect fit for the role of host… and there’s precedent, as the show advertised.


About The Daily Show by Trevor Noah:

About The Daily Show by Trevor Noah

Since comedian Trevor Noah took over for Jon Stewart in 2015, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah has been one of the funniest television shows. However, after seven years as host, Noah has announced his departure from The Daily Show. The statement was made during his Thursday night taping surprised the crowd. Before ending the show, Noah reflected on how it had been seven years since he took over the show, and he expressed gratitude for his time hosting. He expressed appreciation to the audience for a “wonderful seven years.” “We are grateful to Trevor for our great cooperation over the past seven years,” the Paramount Global Cable Network said in a statement.


Trevor Noah Left the show:

Trevor Noah Left the show

While this is heartbreaking news for any Noah fan, the comedian leaves behind an incredible legacy. Throughout his time on the show, Noah had the rare brilliant skill of confronting the world’s most severe topics hilariously while offering relevant comments that helped make the darkest of days a little clearer. Since 2015, a lot has happened. Between the absurdity of Trump’s presidency and the epidemic, Noah had some complex themes to deal with, and it didn’t help that he was following up on Stewart, who was so beloved among the late-night crowd. Despite all odds and skeptics, Noah always found a way to hit it out of the park with his distinct style of comedy.


Is Roy Wood Jr to be the New Host?

Is Roy Wood Jr to be the New Host

Roy Wood Jr., 43, has emerged as one of the leading candidates to succeed Trevor Noah as host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.” Noah, 38, announced his departure from the show on Thursday’s broadcast after seven years on the job. A particular leave date was not set, but the announcement caught everyone off guard, including his employees. Executives are now looking for potential replacements, with Wood Jr., who joined the show in 2015. Wood Jr. is also in high demand following his performance in the Jon Hamm-led thriller “Confess, Fletch,” which was released last month.


Trevor Noah Officially Announced that he Left the Show:

Trevor Noah Officially Announced that he Left the Show

Noah reiterated in his resignation announcement that he would not be leaving immediately. The Times also observed that his departure comes amid a substantial change in late-night television, with James Corden departing The Late Late Show and Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal not returning this season. A hunt for a new presenter comes at a difficult moment for the cable network. With cable subscriptions (and ratings) continuing to fall, the function of these types of programming feels precarious, with many relying on social media posts and YouTube clips for most of their viewership.


Trevor Noah New Show:

Trevor Noah New Show

Noah’s approach to interviewing, which included having measured talks with subjects who held opposing perspectives, such as Tomi Lahren, stood out in an era when political journalism became more fractionalized and reinforced your target demographic’s beliefs. He also gave the show a global focus, which brought depth and dimension to its coverage. Noah’s next project is The Tipping Point docuseries, which examines issues such as voter suppression, political polarisation, and immigration conflicts. He also has a series of concerts in South Africa planned for next year and a supposed romance with pop artist Dua Lipa, which has sparked several Daily Show retirement jokes on Twitter.


While announcing the announcement, Noah discussed how he rediscovered his love for stand-up comedy last year, which led him to recognize it was time to transfer the Daily Show baton to someone else. Noah is one of the world’s funniest individuals, so if his departure means more stand-up specials in the future, it’s not a bad trade-off. The complete video of Noah breaking the news is available here. You can also watch The Daily Show on Paramount+ or Comedy Central on weeknights at 11 p.m. EST.