Actress Rakie Ayola Did Finest Job Possible Of Demolishing Term “Woke”

Actress Rakie Ayola has nailed how to respond to anyone who criticizes the use of the word “woke.” Rakie discussed a drama series on friends who are bonded by a secret with BBC Breakfast. In the second season of the six-part BBC series The Pact, well-known actress Rakie plays DS Holland.

Some will view it and say, “This is a woke rendition of the Welsh family,” host Victoria Fritz questioned Rakie. Rakie caught Victoria’s eye and she noted that she could see Rakie rolling her eyes. Rakie then said she would invite anyone making the complaint to “explain what you meant by woke – and then we’ll have the conversation” to respond to it.

She added the following: You shouldn’t give her that word if she can’t explain it. She further added “Avoid using words you cannot adequately describe. Or maybe you’re frightened to express what you mean even though you know what you mean.

In that case, let’s have that conversation. You dare not even be terrified. Understand what I mean? We can discuss whether or not this show is awake once you sit there and define what you meant by woke. If you want, I can show you another family that looks just like this one. Are you suggesting they don’t exist when they do? Do you mean to imply that their existence is forbidden? Why do you say that, exactly? Let’s have a formal discussion.”

Meaning Of The Word Woke

When woke is employed as an adjective instead of the past participle of wake, as per Merriam-online Webster’s dictionary, it denotes “aware of and consciously attentive to relevant facts and situations, especially those of social and racial justice.” Since then, it has been appropriated being used as an offense to denigrate those who are perceived as being overly progressive.

Rakie Ayola

It’s a term typically related to political correctness, cancel culture, and virtue signaling, and it has frequently been used as a pejorative by people like ex-prime minister Boris Johnson as well as his successor Liz Truss to dismiss left-wing viewpoints. It is referred to as a means of criticizing “over-righteous liberals” by journalist Steve Poole in The Guardian.

The Diary of a CEO podcast hosted by Steven Bartlett featured an interview with TalkTV’s Piers Morgan, who claimed that “the modern woke is a type of fascism” that threatens “the demise of our democratic society.” At the time, Piers asserted that while “woke” people used to fight racism as well as social injustice, their activism has since changed to include dictating what is considered humorous and appropriate in society.

Rakie Ayola’s Early Life

Rakie Ayola, an actress, producer, and soundtrack creator was born in 1968 in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom. Rakie Ayola was birthed in Cardiff, Wales, in 1968. She was raised in Ely, Cardiff, by the mother’s cousin and his wife. Despite not speaking Yoruba, Ayola is of Yoruba descent due to her family history. In addition to participating in the South Glamorgan Youth Theatre, Orbit Youth Theatre, South Glamorgan Youth Choir, and the National Youth Theatre of Wales, Ayola attended Windsor Clive Primary and Glan Ely High School. She dropped out of high school before taking her A Levels to pursue her acting career.

She is an actor and producer best known for her work in Now is Good, Sahara, and Dredd. Her husband is Adam Smethurst. They have two kids. Ayola has spoken out frequently about racial prejudice in the entertainment world throughout her career. She says this about her motivation: “I don’t engage in overt politics. All I want is fairness “. Black actors, in Ayola’s opinion, are underappreciated compared to their white counterparts.


1. What is the height of Rakie Ayola?

Ans. 1.65 m

2. Who is Rakie Ayola’s husband?

Ans. Adam Smethurst

3. When is Rakie Ayola’s birthday?

Ans. May 1968
4. What is the age of Rakie Ayola?

Ans. 54 years

5. How many kids Rakie Ayola has?

Ans. 2

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