Mike Caussin’s Number Of Mistresses Was Ultimately Disclosed By Jana Kramer

Mike Caussin’s Number Of Mistresses Was Ultimately Disclosed By Jana Kramer

According to Jana Kramer, Mike Caussin cheated on her with “more” than 13 women. The “One Tree Hill” actress and country music artist grew upset while speaking about her turbulent marriage to the former NFL player, which she formally divorced in 2021, in a sneak preview for the forthcoming episode of Facebook Watch’s “Red Table Talk.”

Kramer then clarified that it was “more” when co-host Jada Pinkett Smith sought to confirm that “he cheated with roughly 13 women.”

She says, “That’s not fair,” at that point. He destroyed the dream she had for her family. That is unfair.

Children Will Suffer

She also accused him of wrecking her family’s holiday plans by forcing them to split up their children. In 2014, Kramer and Caussin first connected, dating for a short while before calling it quits. Later, the “90210” actress hinted that Caussin’s adultery was to blame for the breakup.

After reuniting, the two later got married a year later. In 2016, however, Caussin sought therapy for sex addiction after new allegations of adultery caused another breakup.

In a podcast interview with Kramer in 2019, Caussin said, “For her, she realized a lot of things throughout her life that sex and sexual acting out was her addictive behavior, and that’s where she went to hide her feelings, to run away from reality, and that was her drug.”

Jana Kramer Has Found Love Once More And Has Been Able To Move On

“She has no idea what the future holds, and who really does?” The singer-songwriter said in yet another moving Instagram post, “She continues to mend every day and she knows there is still much work to be done, but damn it feels so great to discover happiness along the path.

To discover someone who supports you in holding your scars and stands by to cheer you on with love, strength, and empathy along the road rather than seeing them as a difficulty or issue.

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