Los Angeles Lakers: Rivalry of The Los Angeles Lakers VS Sacramento Kings

In the early 2000s, the Los Angeles Lakers-Sacramento Kings rivalry was among the best. Both clubs had fantastic players and played great games. And, while the Lakers won all their playoff series, any Lakers fan who disagrees the Kings were a strong team is harboring resentment from those games and is being spiteful. No, those Kings teams were fantastic, and the Lakers were able to defeat them in the playoffs speak volumes about the Lakers’ ability.

Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Lakers:

Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Lakers

The Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Lakers had such a rivalry in the early 2000s that their fans still disliked each other. What transpired to cause such hatred? Bleacher Report’s Darius Soriano proposed some reasons back in 2012, and I’m here. The Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Lakers had such a heated rivalry in the early 2000s that their fans still disliked each other. In that series, they won. It occurs. That competition, though, was about more than wins and losses. 

Los Angeles Lakers:

Los Angeles Laker

Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles-based American professional basketball franchise. The Los Angeles Lakers are a well-known professional sports club in the United States. The franchise has won 17 Basketball Association of America and National Basketball Association championships, the most in league history with the Boston Celtics. The Detroit Gems, who would later become the Lakers, was created in 1946 and competed in the National Basketball League. In 1947 and its name was changed to the ‘Lakers’ to honor ‘Minnesota’. 

The Sacramento Kings:

The Sacramento Kings

The Sacramento Kings is a California-based American professional basketball club. The Kings are a Western Conference Pacific Division of the National Basketball Association (NBA) member. The Sacramento Kings are the NBA’s oldest team and the only team in the major professional North American sports leagues to be based in Sacramento. The Golden 1 Center is where the team plays its home games. Their best seasons in the city have come in the early 2000s, including a very successful 2001-02 season in which they had the best record in the NBA at 61-21. The Rochester Seagrams of Rochester, New York, founded the franchise in 1923 and hosted several teams over the next 20 years.

Sacramento Kings VS Los Angeles Lakers:

Sacramento Kings VS Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers were at the Top in 2000 and faced the No. 8 seed Kings. Despite this, the Kings put up a good fight, extending the series to five games. Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant dominated the series. Bryant led the game in scoring three times, with O’Neal adding two more. For the Kings, Chris Webber carried the load. Things were a little different in 2001. They met again in the Western Conference Semi-Finals. On the other hand, the Lakers were the two-seed, while the Kings were the three-seed. 

Beginning of Los Angeles Lakers:

Beginning of Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers franchise began in 1947 when Minnesotans Ben Berger and Morris Chalfen paid $15,000 to the National Basketball League’s defunct Detroit Gems. A Minneapolis reporter named Sid Hartman was instrumental in putting together the contract and, later, the squad. The team was named ‘The Lakers’ after Minnesota’s nickname, “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” Hartman was instrumental in their hiring of John Kundla from the College of St. Thomas. The Lakers’ lineup was strong, with forwarding Jim Pollard, playmaker Herm Schaefer, and center George Mikan, who emerged as the NBL’s most dominant player.

Stojakovic still has one of the strangest passes in history. His Game 7, yet, was not his best, as he attempted 12 shots and only made three. While Shaq and Kobe again dominated, they did not receive all of the attention. Chris Webber led the Kings, who Mike Bibby and Vlade Divac assisted. During their three postseason meetings, the two teams had several altercations. During a preseason game in 2002, Doug Christie of the Kings and Rick Fox of the Lakers got into a fight.