John Mayer: Know about Mayer’s Life, Dating History, Net Worth 2022 and more!

Who is John Mayer:

John Mayer is a famous singer, songwriter, and also guitarist. Music is in the heart of Mayer. He was born on 16 October 1977. Mayer went to Berklee College of Music in Boston and later moved to Auston in 1997. There he started a short-lived band, with Clay Cook, known as Lo-fi-Masters. Mayer was full of music.

His genre were rock, pop, and blues. He was much influenced by the early pop style and sang many songs in that genre. He has also been awarded the Grammy Awards for Best Pop Vocal Performance and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. He had some conflicts with the media in 2010 where his career slowed down as he took a break from public life. Then he came back in 2013 when he released his album Paradise Valley. In 2014 he released around 20 million copies of his album. In 2015 he formed a band named Dead & Company with the three former members of Grateful Dead and other two musicians.  The other famous albums that made him this famous are, ‘The search for Everything’, ‘Sob Rock‘ and the latest one released in 2021 ‘Soft Rock‘.

Not only singing but Mayer is also a television host, comedian, and writer. He writes for some magazines as well like Esquire. He also believes in charity and has even done some charity singing as well. He is on and on a great fun personality. 

John Mayer Net Worth 2022:

Mayer’s Net Worth in 2022 is estimated at $70 Million. Mayer loves watches a lot. He has been a dedicated collector of watches. It is also mentioned that Mayor spends 25% of his net worth on watches. He has a lot of luxurious watches. Mayor even owns a house in Beverly Hills worth $13.4 million. 

 John’s Dating history is a fun to know:

” I hate being the heartbroken. Hate it, if I date somebody and it doesn’t work out, it’s another nightmare.”


John Mayer is considered as a serial dater and he seems very comfortable with this title. He even admits in one of a show that he has been sleeping with hundreds of women. Isn’t it funny yet a dark side of Mayer? Your eyes would be tired once uh start reading the following list of girls the Mayor has dated:

  • Vanessa Carlton in 2002, their relationship was a short one. 
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt in 2002-2003, for whom he released his first album ‘You’re Body is a Wonderland. The couple broke up because of the distance between them as Mayer’s priority was to travel for his career. 
  • Rhona Mitra in 2005, though it’s not confirmed yet as if they dated but have been seen hooking up.
  • Milana Vayntrub in 2006, Mayer usually love the younger girl, and thus Milana as she was just 18 while Mayer was 28. 
  • Jessica Simpson in 2006, their relationship was only for a year. They were sexually attached according to Mayer. 
  • Jennifer Aniston in 2009. He seems serious with her, though they dated for only a year. Post their breakup, Mayer missed her kindness and sweet gesture. 
  • Taylor swift in 2009. Since for Mayer relationships are a use-and-throw kind of thing. He broke up with Swift and broke her as well. T- Swift wrote the song ‘ Oh John’ for Mayer and told how rudely Mayer treated her. In response to this Mayor once said in an interview that Swift’s act was unacceptable and she should not do this. 

Though there are a lot of such women Mayer dated since he was never serious about relations and love. He was more into a $exual attraction! 

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