Is Kevin Spacey Gay? Check His Statements After Anthony Rapp’s Allegations

Kevin Spacey, a disgraced actor, denies allegations that he sexually assaulted Anthony Rapp when the latter was a teenager by saying they are “not true” on the witness stand during his New York trial. Rapp, a member of “Star Trek: Discovery,” is suing Spacey for $40 million, alleging that the two-time Oscar winner caused him “mental distress” in 1986, when he was 14 & Spacey was 26.

Rapp, who is now 50 years old, claimed that Spacey attended a private party with him in a Manhattan apartment, but Spacey insisted he doesn’t remember doing so. Rapp’s argument that Spacey willfully caused him depression was rejected by the case’s judge, Lewis Kaplan, before Spacey, 63, even showed up in court on Monday. Rapp said in his lawsuit that Spacey entered the bedroom in which he was watching TV when the two of them were at a party, picked him up, lifted him into a bed, and then laid down next to him.

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Kevin Spacey

Spacey said he was “shocked, horrified and puzzled” by Rapp’s allegations, which were made public in a Buzzfeed story in late 2017. On the advice of his advisers, he made a public apology that he later stated he regretted. He claimed that after publicly coming out as gay the first time around the time of the claims, some claimed he was “attempting to change the topic, or attempting to distract. The actor of “American Beauty” as well as “House of Cards,” wiping away tears, declared that he’d “never have attempted anything to offend the gay community.

Spacey Announced As Gay

When sexual misconduct allegations first surfaced in 2017, Kevin Spacey first revealed specifics of his homosexuality. Since then, on May 26, 2022, the Crown Prosecution Service has stated that the actor will be charged with three counts of sexual assault. Currently, @kevinspacey appears to lead a private life, and on his inactive Instagram page, he has a post dated October 2017. He regretted alleged sexual misbehavior that allegedly occurred in 1986 in the post. In the Instagram post, Kevin Spacey also announced out was gay.

Speaking in front of the jury earlier in the month, Rapp described how he “felt frozen” throughout the alleged encounter before being able to his way out. Spacey has been absent from screens and theatres since Rapp’s allegations first surfaced in 2017, during the peak of the #Metoo campaign against sexual abuse. Spacey spoke about his own difficult family during Monday’s cross-examination, calling his father a “white supremacist” and “neo-Nazi,” terms he had never used in public before, who despised homosexual people and did not share his son’s passion in the theatre.

Kevin Spacey Assaulted 3 Men

In Britain, the “Usual Suspects” actor was accused of sexually assaulting 3 men from March 2005 to April 2013. He pleaded innocence to those charges, and in Massachusetts, sexual assault and indecent charges of assault against him were declined in 2019. Three complaints concern claimed sexual assault in London and another in the English county of Gloucestershire. In London, Spacey is now charged with a second major sexual offense.

The first two accusations are alleged sexual attacks on a guy in his 40s who was victimized in London in March 2005. In August 2008, a man in his 30s who is the second alleged victim was allegedly assaulted in London. The 2nd alleged victim is also included in the severe sex offense charge in London. In April 2013, a guy in his 30s was allegedly assaulted in Gloucestershire, according to the third complaint.

Spacey, who was born on July 26, 1959, in South Orange, New Jersey, is currently 62 years old. He has never been wedded, although he has had a lot of relationships with women. Kevin Spacey has amassed a staggering net worth throughout his successful acting career. He has appeared in numerous films around the world, such as “Seven” and “American Beauty,” among others. Kevin Spacey’s net worth is predicted to be over $70 million as of October 2022.


1. What is Kevin Spacey’s net worth?

Ans. $70 million

2. When is Kevin Spacey’s birthday?

Ans. July 26, 1959

3. Is Kevin Spacey married?

Ans. No

4. What is Kevin Spacey’s full name?

Ans. Kevin Spacey Fowler KBE

5. What is the height of Kevin Spacey?

Ans. 1.78 m

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