Find The Latest News and Rumors on Chris Hemsworth Girlfriend and His Net Worth in 2022?

Chris Hemsworth is a popular and famous actor. He works for the Australian film industry. Chris Hemsworth movies are very popular and loved by his fans. But that’s not it about the actor, there is a lot of information you are lacking on. If you are also his fan and landed on this page then stay tuned. We will tell you everything about his net worth, age, wife, girlfriend, dating history and more.

Who is Chris Hemsworth?

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Chris is an Australian actor and his full name is Christopher Hemsworth. First, he started working and playing in television series before entering film acting in Hollywood. He has given so many popular television series and films to his fans and the public. And attracted more people and fans through his acting skills. He also played the popular Thor role. The actor was born on 11 august 1983 in Victoria, Australia.

Dating History and the Current Wife of Chris Hemsworth

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In 2022, Chris is not dating anyone because he is already married. There is no Chris Hemsworth girlfriend. He is married to a Spanish model, Chris Hemsworth wife is Elsa Pataky. And both have been living happily married life since 2010. According to sources, the couple dated each other for only 3 months and after dating they got married without wasting any more months. They tied the knot in 2010 in Australia. Now they have been together for years and spending a lot of good times.

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Regarding his dating history, we are able to find one ex-girlfriend of Chris. There is no information or data available on the internet about his past relationships. Maybe it seems he wants to keep his personal life private and maybe he had one past relationship only in his life. Chris Hemsworth ex-girlfriend is Isabel Lucas and they separated in the year 2008.

Chris Hemsworth Net Worth in 2022


Chris is already a famous and successful actor, who has gained a lot of worth and fans in his life. But with acting, he also consists of a few occupations such as a model, YouTuber and film producer. No wonder why he is so successful and financially strong. In 2022, Chris Hemsworth net worth is $130 million dollars.


 1. What is Chris Hemsworth height?

-6 feet and 3 inches.

2. Who is Chris Hemsworth daughter?

-India Rose Hemsworth.

3. What is the profession of Chris Hemsworth wife?

-Model, Singer, Actor and Producer.

4. A total number of Chris Hemsworth children?

-He has three children.

5. Chris Hemsworth age?

-39 years.

6. Who is Chris Hemsworth brother?

-Liam and Luke Hemsworth.

7. Chris Hemsworth net worth?

-$130 million dollars.

8. What is Chris Hemsworth Instagram?