Fans Of The Denver Broncos Celebrate Their Team’s Comeback Triumph At Wembley

Jerry Jeudy makes the catch as Marino prepares to take the snap, stands, and scans the field. The pass flies through the Wembley fog. Marino is insane. The Broncos are on the verge of pulling off a 21-17 victory. In the audience, Marino, a young Miami supporter? good confusion

Salutations From The NFL In London

You’ve probably seen a Marino or two if you live here. On their way to the big game, one of the dazzling throng jamming the tube. A cosplay warrior wearing pig skin is a little piece of the larger psychedelic patchwork.

They are distinguishable and rather perplexing. Why would a Green Bay fan come out for this sporting a £60 cheesehead hat purchased from a store in a sizable underground parking garage?

It is challenging. It is not the performance of either team; both have had abysmally poor seasons. Russell Wilson of the Broncos, who won here, has struggled to a 3-5 record while the Jaguars have a 2-6 record. The situation only gets stranger if the script is reversed. Are there enough millennials from Texas to fill a stadium dreaming of the day Leeds and Aston Villa square off in Dallas? Probably not, but the floundering Jaguars have brought in a record 86,215 spectators to an NFL game in London.

Because he has attended too many games to count, Exeter resident Nick Watson explains why he wears his Pittsburgh Steelers over his head every year. He loves it, but he has to settle for watching the Jaguars every year because that’s all he can get.

Latavius Murray Of The Denver Broncos Scores His Team’s Third Touchdown

You may watch it live while having a fantastic time with your friends. Even if it’s Jaguars vs. Broncos, it’s still better live. There’s a man over there wearing a Vikings crop top, it’s really welcoming.

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There is no doubt that everyone is friendly. An MC speaking over the PA system promoting a free ticket may be heard while strolling through the Jaguars Jungle fanzone.

A hesitant Jaguars jersey approaches and discovers they’ve just scored a £700 hospitality ticket. All thanks to Larry Abraham, a Kansas City Chiefs supporter who had no use for it. Larry, a toast.

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