Did Blink Die in Cut Throat City Movie? A Goosebumps Thrilling Ending Explained

People were left with many questions after the conclusion of Cut Throat City. Did Blink Die in Cut Throat City? Specific theories were left unanswered in the story. The movie received much attention, and as a result, it ended up on Netflix. FEMA Checks come into play when it comes to obtaining money through unethical means. This film shows us the lives of young men terribly trapped by society’s meaningless conventions. Furthermore, they are entirely consumed by the destructive features of racism and poverty.

About the Movie:

About the Movie

It follows four different people as they deal with the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. The storyline and concept of this RZA-directed film proved to be quite successful. Furthermore, the ending of Cut Throat City drew further attention. The plot revolves around four young men distraught when their homes are destroyed. So, to gain money and solve their financial difficulties, they decided to cooperate with a mobster to rob a casino. Their intentions were pure, but it was a crime, and the entire group was implicated.

How does the Plot Move?

How does the Plot Move

This film successfully addressed a wide range of issues, which upset many fans because the ending of Cut Throat City was chaotic. Numerous complicating factors resulted in multiple points of view. All of the speculations fell on Blink’s life. People began to form different perspectives about this persona. And the film ends so that spectators are forced to make up their storylines. All of these life-threatening scenarios caused them a slew of issues. The spectators interpret the convoluted plotline throughout the film. They will not, however, have a final ending.

Who is Blink?

Who is Blink

Blink serves as the narrator for most of the film. Notably, the film’s title comes from his meta-narrative within the story. By establishing his multiple existences as a narrator and a character, we get the impression that he has more control over our perspective of the events, if not the events themselves. This is alluded to in the opening credits, where a highly stylized gang fight is shown as a scene from his graphic novel. Similarly, before the final gunfight at the FEMA office, we see Blink in a frenzy of artistic activity. He’s drawing and colouring panels.

Did Blink Die in Cut Throat city? What Happens?

Did Blink Die in Cut Throat city What Happens

The removal of Blink from the film caused quite a stir among fans. Cut Throat City’s finale was somewhat mysterious. According to the conclusion, it appears that Blink has died. And they claim that Blink did not die. To add to the confusion, Blink published his new book. As the plot progressed, Andre was killed in the heist. Because one of their pals is killed in the firefight, everyone gets away with their misdeeds because no one was convicted. However, things did not go as planned. Everyone chooses to go for the final robbery for the last time. Furthermore, the cops arrested everyone.

Cut Throat City: Ending Explained

Cut Throat City Ending Explained

Certain factors contributed to flaws and poor execution. Specific points emphasized the fact that Blink died. The ultimate heist appears to have never occurred. Detective Benoit offered Blink a second chance to make things simpler. And it seems that Blink evaluated this opportunity and chose to abandon the theft.

Furthermore, the three are still alive because the post-credit scene reveals Miracle is not dying. The entire robbery was made up. It was something Blink decided to depict in his comic novel. Furthermore, Blink expressed his gratitude to Detective Benoit for assisting him with his life. These points brought greater importance as a clue to the ending of this action-packed film.


After debuting in select cinemas and digital retailers in August of last year, Cut Throat City will now be available on Netflix on January 21st, 2021. The film follows four New Orleans buddies who engage in a series of daring heists in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. While the city’s citizens struggle, affluent corporations take advantage of the crisis to gain even more money through the unfair use of FEMA checks. Blink and his team are working hard to end this injustice. It’s critical to recognize both the differences and parallels between CTC in the film and CTC within the film, the graphic novel.