Chicago P.D Jay Halstead Said “Farewell to the show”: Know The Truth Behind

In one of the saddest moments of Chicago P.D., a longtime officer formally retired from the Intelligence Unit. Det. Jay Halstead left Chicago with his wife Hailey Upton after appearing on the show since Season 1, confirming Soffer’s last departure. So, what happened in “A Good Man” from Season 10, Episode 3? Your responses are provided below. Jesse Lee Soffer’s role as Detective Jay Halstead on Chicago P.D. officially ended in an episode. The actor announced his departure from the show in Season 10 over the summer, leaving fans wondering how.

Why did Jay Halstead leave the Show?

Why did Jay Halstead leave the Show

From the start of “A Good Man,” it is evident that Halstead keeps his distance from Upton when he isn’t working. However, they were forced to interact when they took on a robbery case, which got personal for Halstead. “It’s black and white, good and terrible, right and wrong, and there will be no more of this,” he told his wife about his new position. “I require that. That is something I need. I’m leaving today. It’s not indefinite; it’s only for eight months, possibly a little longer. But I vow we’ll make it through because you’re the love of my life. Gwen Sigan, showrunner, told NBC Insider that the writers took great effort in constructing Halstead’s leave.

What Happens in the last Episode?

What Happens in the last Episode

Two armed thieves broke into a pharmacy and stole a medication used to make meth. During the chaos, a civilian and struggling veteran named Lenny was killed while shielding others on the site. As the inquiry developed, however, it became evident that Lenny was implicated in the robbery. Halstead (a veteran) went “off the books” to find the robbers without disclosing Lenny’s role in protecting Lenny’s memory and family. Halstead, Upton, and Voight eventually tracked down the robbers in a meth lab, but everything went wrong. Halstead went into shock after repeatedly stabbing and killing one of the perps in self-defence which went too far. Upton and Voight pleaded with him to pull it together so they could arrive.

Jesse Lee Soffer’s Statement about his Exit:

Jesse Lee Soffer's Statement about his Exit

Variety revealed in August that Soffer would be leaving the program, with his final episode appearing during the 10th season. The 38-year-old gave the publication a statement. “Creating this hour drama week after week has been a labour of love for everyone involved with the show.” I’ll be forever grateful for my time as Det. Jay Halstead.” Soffer also tweeted to admirers, “This is sad but real. We do it because of you! It has been a privilege. “I adore you all.”

Does Chicago P.D, Jay Halstead Exit Affect the Voight Character?

Does Chicago P.D, Jay Halstead Exit Affect the Voight Character

“Voight and Jay have virtually become a team this season. Jay was his better half in many respects. Therefore, his disappearance will impact Voight, “She informs us. “Since Anna’s death, he’s been a little locked down, and Jay’s choice to leave, as well as the reasons for that decision, have sunk into Voight. It’s the concept of accountability. You are accountable to the people in your life, and your decisions impact them. “Hailey and Voight’s relationship becomes more interesting as time goes on,” she explains. “They are both feeling a little alone and lost in the world right now, there are many unspoken things between them: blame, guilt, rage, and stress.

What does Chicago P.D Jay Halstead’s withdrawal mean for Upton?

What does Chicago P.D Jay Halstead's withdrawal mean for Upton

Spiridakos remains in the Chicago Police Department, which means Upton will continue to work in the Intelligence Unit without her spouse. And, while Halstead left a glimmer of hope for their relationship in their final discussion, the season will bring her a lot more heartbreak. “This season, Hailey will have to go through it,” Sigan says. “She is not someone who enjoys dealing with emotions or tackling them head-on. She’s naturally cautious, and she wants to be strong for herself as much as Jay. He asked for it, saying he needed it, and she loves him.”


Halstead’s departure also puts a damper on Upstead’s romantic relationship with fellow detective Hailey Upton. The couple first met in Season 8 and secretly married at the courthouse in Season 9. According to creator Gwen Sigan, Halstead’s absence would “certainly have a huge influence on her character this season when she is without him.” They had “such an intriguing relationship, and it’s been that way since the beginning,” according to the EP. They’ve got this thing together. It’s as if they can read one other’s minds. They have always been there for one another. They’ve been in many horrible circumstances yet always had one other’s back.