Breaking Myths About Secret Pauly D Girlfriend and Updated Pauly D Net Worth!

Pauly D is a famous television personality. He has received a lot of fans and fame from television shows. But this information is not enough for his fans, if you are also a fan you must be curious too. His fans want to know everything about his dating history, girlfriend, wife, age, net worth and more. But don’t worry, we have got your back, in this article, we will tell you every detail of his personal and work life.

Who is Pauly D?

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Pauly D is a popular TV personality, he once appeared on a reality show on MTV and after that, he gained immense popularity and success. People get to know and recognize him because of his reality show. He is also a DJ and his full name is Paul Michael DelVecchio Jr. Pauly was born on 5 July 1980 in Rhode Island, United States. He was seen in a reality show in 2009. After that, he received a lot of popularity and a number of followers on social media. Pauly D Instagram is (@djpaulyd).

Pauly D Girlfriend and Dating History

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Pauly D girlfriend is Nikki Haul, and they both are dating each other. But according to sources, there is news that the couple is now engaged and planning their wedding soon. There is no news of their wedding yet but their fans assumed that they will marry definitely and soon. The couple is living happily together and having the best time of their lives. Before their engagement, Pauly and Nikki dated each other for two years. They met on a dating show called ‘Double Shot at Love’.

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His dating life and past relationships have been very interesting since the beginning. Before Nikki, he dated a few celebrities and models in his past. Some of his ex-girlfriends are Jenni Farley, Amanda Markert, and Aubrey O’Day. Due to some unknown reasons they can’t make it work and got separated.

Pauly D Net Worth

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Pauly is a successful and popular TV personality but being a television personality he is also involved in a few professions. Pauly is multitalented, his other occupations and sources of income are DJ, Actor, and Television presenter. Pauly D net worth in the year 2022 is $20 million dollars.


1. Who is pauly d wife?

-He is still unmarried and engaged to Nikki Hall.

2. Who is pauly d daughter?

-Amabella Sophia Markert.

3. How much is pauly d age?

-42 years old.

4. Pauly d and nikki are still together?

-Yes, they are engaged now.

5. What is Pauly D height?

-5 feet 9 inches.

6. What is pauly d daughter age?

-She is 9 years old.

7. Upcoming pauly d tour in 2022?

-His tours will be held on 4 Nov, 11 Nov, and 12 Nov.

8. Pauly d net worth in 2022?

-$20 million dollars.