Breaking Myths About Carla Hall Net Worth and Dating! 2022

Carla Hall is a popular and famous chef. She is an American and belongs to Riverdale Park, Maryland, United, States. The chef was born on 12 May 1964, and currently, she is 58 years old. She is famous because she has been a contestant/participant in the Top Chef and Bravo’s Cooking Competition. If you are interested to watch, she has been seen on the 5th and 8th seasons of these popular shows. Carla Hall has also appeared in The Chew, as a Cohost. No wonder why she is so famous and people are curious about her net worth.

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Well, there’s more about her professional and personal life. Like her fans must be curious about her dating history and new boyfriend. Whether she is dating or not is still a mystery. In this article, we will discuss her new relationships, boyfriend etc. Stay till the end to know about her life a little better.

Relationship Status and Past Relations of Carla Hall

Currently, in 2022, Carla hall is not dating anyone. She is single for now. According to sources and media, Carla is single because she is married already. Hall is married to Mathew D. Lyons. Before their marriage, they both dated each other for several and then get married in the year 2006. And their marriage is an example of a perfect marriage.

These love birds are married for 12 years, and share a lot of good times and moments together. It is the perfect example of that love never gets faded, time doesn’t matter. There is no news of divorce and separation till now. She admitted that they had small fights, but they sort them out in a short period of time.

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Also, it seems like Carla has a stepson. But we are not sure about this, because the couple doesn’t like to reveal much about their relationship. They are a simple married couple, living together without disclosing and revealing any personal detail on the Internet and Media. She believes in keeping her personal life away from daily papers, news and social media.

According to the information on the internet, Carla hasn’t dated anyone other than her husband. There is not much information available about her ex-boyfriend and relationship history. Also, we don’t know if she had any, because like other celebs she chose to keep her private life very private.

Carla Hall Net Worth

As we all know from above, Carla is an American chef. But being a chef and cooking, she is also involved in a few professions. Before being a chef, she is also a model in her early life. The chef is into modelling, writing and a television personality. With all these occupations, it is not shocking how she is so popular and famous. Carla Hall has achieved a lot of fans and success in her life. There is a huge fan following on her social media account (Instagram- @carlaphall). Carla Hall net worth in the year 2022 is $2.5 million dollars.

Mathew Lyons Net Worth

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Mathew Lyons is also a successful person and a great husband. Also, he gains success and fame by being the husband of a professional chef, television personality and model. He received limelight and fame for marrying a chef. It is known that Mathew and Carla met for the first time through an online dating app. He is so well-educated person and works for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a Chief Advisor. Mathew Lyons net worth is 2.5 million dollars. It proves that the couple is financially strong and independent. And living a simple married life together with no digital drama.


1. What is the net worth of Carla hall?

-$2.5 million dollars.

2. Age of Carla’s husband?

-Mathew is 62 years old.

3. How many kids do Carla and Mathew have?

-Only 1 (Stepson).

4. The profession of Carla’s husband?

-He is a chief advisor for Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

5. What is the marital status of Carla hall?

-She is happily married.

6. Is the couple getting a divorce?


7. What is the height of Carla hall?

-5′ 11″

8. Nationality of Carla and Mathew?

-Both are American.