Announcing Michigan Apartment’s Incident of Jason Kolkema’s Girlfriend and Overcoming her Camera Issue

Jason Kolkema, 51, was caught on video striking his girlfriend with a belt in his Muskegon, Michigan, apartment. Kolkema won the August primary for the 14th Circuit Court judicial seat in Muskegon County. During an argument in his apartment, Jason Kolkema whipped his girlfriend with a belt. Jason Kolkema Girlfriend statement was very different. Despite previous accusations of domestic violence, the lawyer and girlfriend claim he was hitting a seat in front of her. Police responded and found the girlfriend with a ‘blank stare.’ The woman, dressed in a long gown, had no visible injuries.

Who is Jason Kolkema?

Who is Jason Kolkema

A judicial candidate in Michigan is facing domestic assault charges after being caught on video striking his girlfriend. Jason Kolkema, 51, who won for the 14th Circuit Court judicial seat in Muskegon County, claims he was hitting his belt against a chair in front of his unnamed girlfriend. According to the Detroit Free Press, he spat on the girlfriend’s 12-year-old daughter while she slept in his apartment despite a court order prohibiting him. Kolkema allegedly spat toothpaste on the mother-daughter pair before throwing water on them in retaliation for an earlier argument.

Jason Kolkema Filled with a Case:

Jason Kolkema Filled with a Case

MUSKEGON, Mich. A Michigan judicial candidate is facing domestic assault charges partly from video footage showing him hitting his girlfriend with a belt, prompting local domestic violence advocates to actively oppose his candidacy. The candidate’s girlfriend and attorney both deny that he struck her. According to the Detroit Press, Jason misdemeanor charges in mid-September. Kolkema, a 51-year-old attorney, claims he was hitting a chair with a belt, not his girlfriend, as the video shot by an office worker beside Kolkema’s apartment suggests.

Jason Kolkema Girlfriend’s Statement about that Issue:

Jason Kolkema Girlfriend's Statement about that Issue

According to the anonymous woman, she was wearing a headset when Kolkema smacked the chair’s armrest to get her attention. The woman admitted responsibility for the incident, telling the Free Press that “it was rude of me to ignore him.” The newspaper discovered court and police records describing previous violent encounters between Kolkema and his girlfriend. One incident occurred two days before the belt strikes that were videotaped. Kolkema spits at the woman’s 12-year-old daughter, threw water on them, then a Gatorade bottle that missed them but hit a lamp, according to Ottawa County court records.

Jason Kolkema Thoughts on the Issue:

Jason Kolkema Thoughts on the Issue

Kolkema promotes himself on his campaign website as a proud Muskegon native and competent lawyer who acquired “compassion, understanding, and the significance of community service” from his homemaker mother. Court and police records, on the other hand, tell a different narrative. Kolkema spits on his girlfriend’s daughter while she slept in his flat with her mother two days before the belt incident, despite a court order prohibiting him from coming near the youngster. According to Ottawa County court papers, he vomited toothpaste on the girl and her mother. And then, splashed water on them because he was upset about a previous dispute.

Jason Kolkema Girlfriend Blames Herself for the Issue:

Jason Kolkema Girlfriend Blames Herself for the Issue

When contacted for a response several times, Kolkema’s attorney Terry Nolan threatened to send the Free Press to the police for harassment. When asked if he could explain his behavior in the video to voters, Kolkema deferred to his girlfriend, saying, “I’d refer you to what the purported victim had to say.” The victim claims she supports Kolkema and blames herself for what transpired in the flat that day while smartphone cameras were rolling. “Jason is a decent person who has had a significant impact on my life in many ways,” the girlfriend, 33, told the Free Press. “He’s done so much for my kids, and I don’t believe this portrayal of him is even fair.”

According to court documents, Kolkema had never been arrested or charged with a crime before this occurrence. He had been dating since February 14 and had been close friends for the previous three years. According to the motion, their partnership “is not an abusive relationship, and there is no proof of past acts of violence.” According to the papers, the couple has been living together since June 1, and the lease is in their name. “The impact falls particularly on,” according to the motion, adding that he does not have many other options and wishes to remain in the flat with the claimed victim.