Aldis Hodge: Married or Dating? His love life and Net Worth 2022

Aldis Hodge: Know About him and His Love Life.

Aldis Alexander Basil Hodge is a very famous figure among American actors. Aldis was born on 20 September 1986 in North Carolina. The most famous and significant role he has played was of Alec Hardison in the TNT series Leverage. Roles like MC Ren in the biopic Straight Outta Compton. He is famous for his many works and is very much popular among Hollywood fans. His other famous and popular roles are Hidden Figures, Underground, Girlfriends, and One night in Miami. He is a SAG award winner and has done magnificent works in both films and television. He is one of the stars of television and big theatre. People love his aura and personality. 

At the age of three, he started his career as a model when he was seen in a magazine with his brother Edwin Hodge. His career shook as a model for print ads and commercials until he made his comfort in the big theatres. Along with acting, Aldis also writes scripts for film and television, designs luxury timepieces, and most important he is an avid art lover and a painter as well. This man is perfect in himself. He is full so much of talent and what a versatile actor he is. Aldis never gave a single reason to hate him, rather adds more reasons to love.  

He is very successful in his career and no one can harm him financially. He is capable to live a luxurious life. But what about his love life? Is he successful there too? Let us know this.

Aldis Hodge’s Net Worth 2022:

Talking about Aldis’s net worth is around $10 million. Bought up in a poor family, Aldis has come a lot ahead in terms of earnings. Aldis is very fond of watches; wrist watches and pocket watches as well. He has a big collection of watches. Many of them are worth north of $400,000. 

Is Aldis Married? Dating? Single?

Aldis Hodge is such a hottest charm in Hollywood. His charm attracts many women towards him. His girl or women fans are always eager to know his marital status.

Aldis made a huge fan base when he came made his debut in the television and film industry. As of now Aldis is not dating anyone and is single.

Talking about his dating history, Aldis has dated only once. His girlfriend was Harmonia Rosales. Harmonia is an Afro-Cuban artist from Chicago. Both Aldis and Harmonia are avid art lovers. The love for avid art became their common interest and made them closer. Aldis has a very clean relationship with Harmonia; their bond has been very lovable. 

Aldis and Harmonia have showered their social media with way too cute pictures of them together. Their togetherness and loved pictures have filled the eyes of fans with love. They even shared some pictures of them traveling together. 

Their marriage has not been talked about yet. Not Aldis nor Harmonia have talked about their wedding. All eyes of hope are on Aldis whether he will give any hint about marriage or not. 

For now, Aldis is single and focusing on his career!

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