About Jill Casey DeSantis Career and Education

‘Jill Casey DeSantis’, the first lady of Florida, was a former news and TV anchor from the United States who was born on June 26, 1980. She is the spouse of Ron DeSantis, Florida’s 46th governor.

Education And Career

On June 26, 1980, Jill Casey Black was born in Troy, Ohio. She earned a degree in Bachelor of Science in economics with a French minor from the College of Charleston.

Early in her career, DeSantis anchored the Golf Channel shows On the Tee and PGA Tour Today. She worked as an anchor as well as a local newscaster for Jacksonville, Florida’s independent WJXT station. She held numerous positions therein, notably general assignment reporter, morning anchor, and also police reporter. She also produced special reports, including some for CNN.

On Tegna’s Jacksonville stations WTLV (NBC) and WJXX (ABC) in 2014, DeSantis served as the host and moderator of The Chat, an hour-long roundtable panel talk show. Both the weekly entrepreneur focused ‘The American Dream Show’, and the daily local conversation show ‘First Coast Living’ were presented by her. J.T. Townsend played High School football. And DeSantis authored and produced the TV documentary Champion, The JT Townsend Story. She also received a local Suncoast Emmy Award.