Zero Zero Zero Crime Drama, Cast, Plot, Production, and Details

Zero ZeroZero is a very famous Italian crying drama series that was created for its first edition on February 2020. With eight episodes, the series ran till the sixth of March 2020. The official premiere of the series happened at the international film festival, which was held in when is and was released on the fifth of September 2009. The series has not only been very successful in Italy but also has received a lot of recognition throughout the entire world and is related to a study of an overall business which is revolving around drugs and cocaine that covers the movement of the drug across various continents and this is a storyline which is being very highly received by the audiences.

Zero Zero Zero Plot

Plot and Storyline of the series Zero Zero Zero

The major plot and Storyline of the series revolve around the shipment of the famous drug cocaine, which makes its way through the waters in Europe and then starts in the form of a careful movement in the Italian criminal industry where the criminals decide to buy the drug and then transfer it to Mexico in the form of shipments and then across the overall Atlantic Ocean the drug is being available making the overall Storyline moving around the drug itself. The cocaine gradually starts its movement across the entire world through all the continents, and the criminal attempts to transfer the cooking continue until and unless the police try to stop it.

Zero Zero Zero Cast

Cast and Characters of the series Zero Zero Zero

The characters of Zero ZeroZero have been very exclusive, and the lead actors playing the roles have also been famous and successful, making the series extraordinary. The lead character of Emma Lynnwood is represented by Andrea Riseborough. Dane DeHaan represented the character of Chris Lynnwood. The major character of Stefano La Piana was represented by Giuseppe De Domenico. The character of Manuel Quinteros was played by Harold Torres. Noé Hernández represented the character of Varas. These were one of the major characters of the series. Apart from these recurring characters, we have been one of the most important parts of the series and added up to the success of the series.

Zero Zero Zero Development

Development and production of the series Zero Zero Zero

The development of the series Zero ZeroZero began a lot of time ahead of its official release at the international film festival as the producers of the series really liked the overall Storyline of the series, so the directors of the series joined together and created a very successful star cast for the series making the series a very famous one that will receive a lot of success. The official production of the series took place in Italy. Parts of Mexico were also covered in the series. Senegal was one of the major parts of the series; the United States of America was the base of the series, while Morocco was also covered while shooting of the series was done.

Zero Zero Zero Release

Release Details of the series Zero Zero Zero

The series’ official release happened at the Venice international film festival. The official release of the premier was on the fifth of September 2009, while the series was released in Italy on the fourteenth of February 2020 and consisted of a total of 8 episodes. The major series ran till the sixth of March 2020. Each episode of the series consisted of a running time of nearly 60 minutes, and each of the episodes of the series received a lot of success across the whole series the series also consisted of a soundtrack album which was released in different editions through the first of May 2020 which was just the release of the soundtrack.

Zero Zero Zero Review

Critics and Review of the series Zero Zero Zero

The Zero ZeroZero series received a lot of positive reviews and success not only from the general audience but the critics gave very successful and famous reviews to the series making it one of the most successful Italian series of all time. The Rotten Tomatoes rating of the series was 94% which was an exceptional rating, and the overall average rating was each out of 10, which was also very exclusive. The total IMDb rating of the series is 8.2 out of 10, which is also marked to be very exceptional and successful, and the overall reviews provided by the series from the audiences have been very famous and successful, which makes the series one of the most watched Italian series of 2020.