Who is Sweetie Rapper? All About her Love Relationship

Quiava, Diamonte Valentin Rapper, also known professionally as Sweetie, is an American rapper and songwriter. She teamed with Warner Records following the publication of her debut single, “Icy Girl.” Her debut album, “Pretty Bitch Music,” is due in 2021. Saweetie shared numerous videos of herself freestyling in her car to old-school rap songs. Following her freestyle rendition of Khia’s 2002 hit. It won her plaudits from fans and reviewers, who dubbed her an artist to watch in 2018.

Who is Sweetie?

Who is Sweetie
Saweetie is a rapper, singer, and songwriter who is 27 years old. Diamond Quiava Valentine Harper is her full name. Quavo is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer from the United States. He is a member of the Migos, a hip-hop trap combo. Quavo’s age is 29. Both have made substantial contributions to the Hollywood music industry. Quavo has composed music for films such as the Fast & Furious series and songs such as Breakthrough and Y.R.N. (2013). Tap In, ICY GIRL, My Type, and Emotional ft. Quavo is among Saweetie’s most well-known songs.

Sweetie Net Worth:

Sweetie Net Worth
Saweetie enjoys a life of luxury, as evidenced by her frequent jet travels and outlandish dress sense. Saweetie has a net worth of roughly $4 million as of 2020, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The rapper’s two extended plays, High Maintenance and Icy, released in 2018 and 2019, respectively, have propelled her to stardom. Saweetie’s net worth was increased by her high-paying deal with Warner Records and money gained from her music and songwriting credits. Her relationship with Artistry & Warner included a lucrative opportunity to develop her own ICY branded label.

Sweetie and Quavo Relationship:

Sweetie and Quavo Relationship
Sweetie and Quavo began dating in September of 2018. Although the couple only announced their relationship in 2019, They were first seen together at New York Fashion Week. They quickly became Hollywood’s power couple, but their reign was short-lived. Saweetie and Quavo split up in March 2021. Saweetie revealed her split with Quavo on Twitter. A series of tweets caused admirers to speculate on the valid reason for the breakup. A succession of circumstances led to the situation is quite similar.

Sweetie and Quavo Breakup:

Sweetie and Quavo Breakup
Fans speculated after Quavo and Saweetie unfollowed one other on Instagram. Saweetie announced on Twitter on March 19, 2021, that she is finally single. She felt betrayed and hurt, and the false stories and storyline harmed her reputation and image. Gifts and presents, she added, do not fix problems if the partner is providing intimacy to other women. Her following tweet clarifies matters further, saying she has a tremendous feeling of calm and independence. Apart from her tweets, there was no further explanation for Quavo’s infidelity. However, due to remarks like “intimacy to others,” viewers concluded Quavo had cheated on her.

What Happened Between Sweetie and Quavo?

What Happened Between Sweetie and Quavo
The “Elevator incident” at their North Hollywood apartment may be the most recent occurrence that demonstrates the causes of the couple’s split. The video was posted by TMZ media and quickly went popular on the internet. Quavo was widely chastised for his violent and abusive behavior towards his girlfriend, Saweetie. Quavo and Saweetie appear in the footage; Quavo pushes her and trusts her inside the elevator. The couple appeared to be fighting both verbally and physically. Saweetie had a piece of orange luggage that was discarded. Saweetie struggled a few times to break free from Quavo’s clutches but eventually gave up. The video lasts about 2 minutes.

Quavo stated that the situation was not as awful as it appeared, and he was grateful for the relationship, even though it did not last. Quavo and Saweetie used words like “tussle” and “unfortunate” to characterize the occurrence. Even though none of them claimed that Quavo was physically violent, the clip generated a lot of issues. Saweetie described the incident as only a stumbling block in the relationship because it happened a few months before the separation. She stated that they have misunderstandings and disputes in their relationship but have overcome those obstacles.