Who is LeBron James’ Wife? All About his Personal Life

Now, the basketball star is poised to play the lead in the highly anticipated sequel film Space Jam: A New Legacy. While the star is known for his sportsmanship and acting abilities, he is also a devoted husband and father. As he has repeatedly demonstrated, the basketball player is Savannah’s biggest fan! He rushed to social media to celebrate his wife’s 33rd birthday, saying how blessed he was to be with the lady of her dreams. The basketball player has kept his personal life out of the public eye. However, the Space Jam star and his wife Savannah have a great love story, as the two recently celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary this fall!

Who is LeBron James?

Who is LeBron James
During the COVID19 controversy, he gave up his ideal jersey number to donate the money to children’s education and sanitation. LeBron James is not just referred to be a King metaphorically, but he also acts like one. A person willing to give up his dream to achieve the ambitions of others deserves his vision and the throne of a king. LeBron James is one of basketball’s most charitable and excellent players. He possesses all the characteristics that a good athlete and person should have. He’s like an all-in-one bundle. He is an incredible father, an incredible player, an incredible husband, and a generous individual. Those who refer to him as the King of Basketball are correct.

Who is LeBron James’s Wife?

Who is LeBron James’s Wife
At the time, the basketball icon was a St. Vincent-St. Mary High School student, where he had been requested to join the basketball team. Savannah grew up in the same Ohio town as LeBron and attended the same high school. Savannah and LeBron first met when a mutual friend informed her that LeBron had requested her phone number. Savannah later admitted that she called LeBron James’ number, and he quickly invited her to one of her basketball games. Savannah later stated that she knew nothing about LeBron’s basketball abilities and had no idea who he was! Savannah’s attendance at the sporting event quickly transformed into a group hangout at an Applebee’s.

LeBron James and Savannah’s Blooming Memories:

LeBron James and Savannah’s Blooming Memories
Their love story blossomed quickly after the NBA player invited Savannah on a date to an Outback Steakhouse! The NBA player recalled how his wife was there for him when he had nothing and has been a constant in his life. Their love stretches back to high school, and she has never left her side. LeBron even said that he might not have been famous if Savannah hadn’t shown him, unconditional love. Savannah found out during her final year of high school that she was pregnant with their first child, and their lives took an unexpected turn. While it was a significant decision, her initial emotion was one of anxiety.

LeBron James and Savannah’s Romantic Life:

LeBron James and Savannah’s Romantic Life
Savannah raved over him and referred him to his queen as king! She said it’s difficult not to adore him because of how he treats her, the kids, and his mother. The celebrity is humble and kind to everyone around him. LeBron’s wife believes that despite everything he has and has done, he is a modest man. Savannah is also active in philanthropic work and has been connected with several projects and charities. The wedding was followed by a lavish three-day reception at San Diego’s Capella Chapel Grand Del Mar hotel.

Why did LeBron James switch to the number 6 jersey?

Why did LeBron James switch to the number 6 jersey
LeBron changed his number to 6 for a variety of reasons. Bronny James, his firstborn child, was one of the reasons. In one of his, he stated that he wanted jersey number 6 to honor his eldest son, Bronny James. Bronny was born in 2004, and James noted that his basketball career began to pick up after Bronny’s birth. He claimed that teaching Bronny how to play basketball or spending time with all of his children kept him calm through difficult times. LeBron James even noted in one of his statements that he is a basketball player, a kid, and a husband.

While playing for Miami, he used the number 23 as his jersey number. Because he was paying tribute to Micheal Jordan, Micheal finished his basketball career wearing the number 23 jersey. Jame’s duty as a basketball king was to honor his former Kings. For over three years until 2020, LeBron James desired the number six as his jersey number. For ten million dollars, he could have had his desired jersey number. However, he chose to donate that money to others in severe need of it during the pandemic. Then people wonder why LeBron James is regarded as the King of Basketball.