When is Animal Kingdom Season 4 Coming to Prime UK? Find Your Answers Here

The famous TNT show “Animal Kingdom” fans have finally received some good news. The popular TV show is based on an Australian independent film of the same name and follows a Southern California family who enjoys a short life. Janine “Smurf” Cody, the fierce matriarch, is frequently the brains of the operations, while most of her family is more than willing to offer a hand in their challenging heists. After his mother dies, Joshua “J” Cody moves in with his grandmother, Smurf, at the beginning of “Animal Kingdom.” He quickly finds that Smurf and her boys are a crime family who perpetrates thefts to maintain their opulent lifestyle.

About Animal Kingdom Season 4:

About Animal Kingdom Season 4
In Season 4, the ruthless Cody crime family returns, and they will be as dangerous to one other as they are to their targets. Smurf is back on top this season, reminding her lads she’s boss no matter who she hurts in the process. Pope, trapped with Smurf and becoming increasingly agitated, has discovered new and deadly ways to express his rage. J is still plotting how to take over the family firm. Outsiders continue undermining Cody’s fragile calm, including Angela, J’s deceased mother’s former closest friend and a recovering junkie. She wants to worm her way back into the family’s good graces. A new criminal gang is also established, with an unexpected link to the Codys.

What Can We Expect from Animal Kingdom Season 4?

What Can We Expect from Animal Kingdom Season 4
We’ll keep this spoiler-free because there are several important stories near the end of the season that you’ll want to see without being spoiled. However, the season begins with the Codys attempting their most daring bank robbery. Is it going to go off without a hitch? Meanwhile, Deran gets Adrian involved in the family business. Nobody can get away from this. J, on the other hand, is attempting to forge a new identity outside the family. That is not to say the family is unconcerned. He has a more ambitious game plan. Throughout the season, there is some additional Smurf lore. Fans of Emily Deschanel will recognize her as Angela, who has a connection to the Cody family.

When is Animal Kingdom Season 4 Coming to Prime UK?

When is Animal Kingdom Season 4 Coming to Prime UK
Raise your hand if you’ve been waiting for Animal Kingdom Season 4 to become available on Amazon Prime Video. You are not alone, and there is good news for you today. Amazon has acquired the exclusive UK rights to the Animal Kingdom TV series. The show in the United States is based on the 2010 Australian film of the same name. On the other hand, the film is still gaining traction, with TNT adapting it into a show that aired earlier this year. All episodes are now accessible exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, with the film also available as part of a £5.99 monthly subscription.

The plotline of Animal Kingdom Season 4:

The plotline of Animal Kingdom Season 4
Billy, played by Denis Leary, reappears in the Season 4 finale. When the audience last saw him, he took money from his son to fund his heroin habit. He claims to be sober for three months and has returned to town to correct all his wrongs. How handy that Billy emerges not long after Smurf’s death. He won’t be the only family member to emerge from the shadows now that Smurf has died. Adrian negotiated a one-time deal to smuggle five kilos of cocaine since he couldn’t find a surfing sponsor, and instead of the DEA locking him up, he wanted information on Deran. Adrian, in the end, does not assist them.

Ending Plotline of Animal Kingdom Season 4:

Ending Plotline of Animal Kingdom Season 4
The conclusion of Season 4 also reintroduces another significant figure from Smurf’s background, a lady named Pamela Johnson. While we’ve seen Pam in a few flashback sequences here and there, we first meet her in the final episode of Season 4, when we find that Smurf left Pam her house and a large sum of money in her will. Because flashbacks were used throughout Season 4, Season 5 will likely use the same plot device, whether delving deeper into Smurf’s background or revealing more about Pam. Pam assisted Smurf after she gave birth to the twins, indicating that the women were close.

TNT Network opted to renew Animal Kingdom shortly after the previous season aired. Therefore, the show will return for a fourth season. Animal Kingdom has always been a tremendous hit, so announcing the fourth season was no surprise. It was announced in July 2018 that Animal Kingdom would return soon with the fourth season, and it sent fans into a frenzy. After the third season of the show ended, we also got a short teaser for the show, which did an excellent job of exciting the fans. According to reports, Animal Kingdom Season 4 will concentrate on an Australian film that tells the narrative of the Pettingill family.