What is the Episode which Naruto and Hinata Kiss? An Epic Franchise Scene

Hinata kisses Naruto in which episode? So, my Hinata and Naruto shippers have arrived. I believe you must first watch the entire series to learn about the “confession.” Naruto and Hinata are the most shipping characters in the Naruto anime series. Fans were ecstatic to see them together throughout the series. However, this perfect-looking couple had a rough start. Read the article to learn about Naruto and Hinata. Let us begin by introducing our newbies to the series. I hope you don’t mind a lot of spoilers heading your way.

About Naruto Series:

About Naruto Series
Naruto is one of those superhit and iconic anime and manga series that began well and concluded nicely. Though the series hasn’t finished traditionally, it has for some. Masashi Kishimoto created and illustrated the manga series, which debuted in 1999. The manga had a huge reception, later translated into an anime series in 2002. Naruto was then revived in Naruto Shippuden and Boruto. Boruto: Naruto Next Generation is now airing in the series. The Naruto and Hinata fandom is large, so we decided to dedicate an entire post to the Naruto And Hinata First Kiss.

Naruto and Hinata Character:

Naruto and Hinata Character
Naruto is the protagonist of the Naruto anime series. I meant it when I mentioned that the couple didn’t get off to a good start. We will see Naruto not even look at Hinata at the beginning of the season. Naruto had a crush on Sakura at the moment. Therefore, she was invisible to him. But this didn’t stop Hinata from falling in love with him. Yes, Hinata’s love was one-sided in the beginning. When Hinata was crushing on Naruto, Naruto crushed on Sakura, and Sakura destroyed Sasuke. They were both intended to be with each other in the end. So, did they eventually end up together? They did end up together.

Naruto and Hinata Love Plot:

Naruto and Hinata Love Plot
Their connection went beyond dating; they married and had two adorable children. Allow me to assist you. Hinata has been attempting to convey her love for Naruto since childhood, but he is too preoccupied with Sakura. But true love cannot be hidden for long. After that, Naruto discovers that Sakura is madly in love with Sasuke and that Sasuke, in turn, likes her. After his final battle with Naruto in Chapter 699, it was revealed that Sasuke had developed romantic feelings for Sakura to the point where they were unbreakable. As a result, Naruto chose to step aside.

In the episode in which Naruto and Hinata Kiss:

In the episode which Naruto and Hinata Kiss
Finally, after so many years, Naruto discovers who is the right one for him. I’m no longer chasing Sakura. He matured and understood that Hinata was the most exemplary person to be his life partner. It was Naruto: Shippuden episode 166, titled “Confession.” Naruto ultimately confessed to Hinata in the episode and kissed her afterward. This was not the first time they had kissed. They both kissed at the end of the Naruto movie “The Last,” which was a charming scene. After Naruto’s confession, they both went out immediately when Hinata and Naruto’s shippers found internal peace.

Naruto’s Dream for Hinata:

Naruto’s Dream for Hinata
Fans realize Hinata has a crush on Naruto from the minute she appears in the anime. She admires him but is exceptionally bashful in his presence, nearly unable to construct a speech. Naruto, on the other hand, spends the majority of his youth and adolescence unaware. During the events of The Last: Naruto The Movie, this changes. Hinata and Naruto become entangled in each other’s memories due to a genjutsu. Naruto sees himself through Hinata’s eyes and realizes how deeply she loves him. The event makes him realize how much he has grown to care for her.

We were all waiting for Naruto and Hinata’s wedding day at the time. Fans felt butterflies in their stomachs during this time. It was simply adorable, romantic, and, finally, tearful. Naruto Shippuden Episode 494 was the one in which everything happened. The episode was titled “Naruto’s Wedding,” enough to get people excited. Most of you have probably already begun streaming it, but for those who haven’t, I’ll show you how. You can watch it on Crunchyroll, a legitimate website and a one-stop shop for everything anime.