The Fabulous Reality Show: All About “My Teenage Episode 3”

We could tell how much time and work they had put into their training. Additionally, debut squad members Chae Won, Park Bo Eun, and Kim Yu Yeon were able to secure places. Regarding Kim Yu Yeon, fans have had varied feelings about her. Many people believe that, despite her beauty and charming aura, she is not as talented as the other participants on the show. Even the teachers were perplexed after she and Ji Woo finished their rendition of IU’s Leon. Many viewers feel that Yu Yeon should improve her raw talents before debuting, or she would face a lot of backlashes.

About My Teenage Show:

About My Teenage Show
Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation produced My Teenage Girl, a South Korean reality competition show (abbreviated MBC). It was planned to create a seven-member girl group with Billboard chart potential. The candidates were divided into age categories based on their voice, rapping, and performance abilities. The show, a collaboration between MBC and Phunky Studio (the studio created by Han Dong-Chul of Produce 101), started on November 28, 2021, and aired every Sunday at 9 PM KST for 12 weeks until its conclusion on February 27, 2022. The live finale identified the seven winners who will become Classy.

Concept of the Show: My Teenage

Concept of the Show My Teenage
The show’s purpose was to create a global seven-member girl group to become a Billboard chart-topper. The first video teaser was released on June 1, 2021. From June 1 to June 30, 2021, applications for the show were open to any female born in 2010 or earlier. [2] By the time applications closed, 30,000 applications had been received from countries like the United States, Japan, Canada, South America, and South Korea. The contestants and their assigned groups were unveiled in September 2021 via teaser videos.

Broadcast Details of My Teenage:

Broadcast Details of My Teenage
A precursor season for the competition named Hesitation Before Going to School aired on Naver Now from September 14 to November 12, 2021. Throughout the season, all 83 participants’ profiles were disclosed. Only 40 competitors would compete in My Teenage Girl. On Show!, each group performed independently. Music Core is a weekly music show that airs on MBC. Before the performances, six contestants were interviewed. Elcomsoft announced a rhythm game based on the Superstar Teenage Girls show on February 9, 2022. The game includes show music, performances, and unique cards for the 14 finalists. On February 23, 2022, the game was released for mobile devices.

About My Teenage Episode 3:

About My Teenage Episode 3
My Teenage Episode 3 premiered on December 12, 2021. The mission continues with a concert by the remaining 34 competitors. The surviving candidates saw a shift in the number of contestants who would move on to the second mission at the end of the first task. Due to an overabundance of contestants, each group would have 16 contestants rather than the original 10. Several contestants who were previously eliminated would return to the competition, increasing the number of passers for the first round to 64. The mentors met to discuss and determine who would mentor every group.

How does the Show End?

How does the Show End
The second task, dubbed “Grade Battle,” was announced after adding previously dismissed candidates. In mission two, each group competes against one another and is judged by the audience and mentors. The winning group is exempt from elimination, while the other groups are subject to it. The mentors discovered that only 40 candidates (10 from each group) would perform in the second assignment, requiring them to eliminate 24 contestants (six from each group) from the show. Six Grade 2 candidates who fared poorly in the mid-point check were eliminated first.

The finalists’ final results were announced to form Classy. The finalists who finished in the top seven will become Classy members. After finishing sixth, Park Bo-Eun was named Classy’s first member. Myung Hyung-SEO, Hong Hye-Ju, and Kim Ri-won finished third and fifth, respectively. Won Ji-min was announced as the first-place candidate, with the former finishing first with 243,302.4 points. After finishing eighth, Yoon Chae-won was named as Classy’s final member. The show concludes with the last top 14 emerging on-screen to announce those that did not make it into Classy.