The Best Animes With a Sad Ending 2022 and Has Heartbreaking Ending

Even the worst anime endings can leave the viewer joyful, basking in the sense of well-earned catharsis. Anime endings have the potential to be a powerful emotional weapon, acting as the finale of a long, soul-stirring journey. When done well, bittersweet anime endings have some of the most potent emotional effects on viewers. The audience remembers the saddest ending to a magnificent story, altering their opinion of the show and leaving them with a sense of melancholy happiness. In retrospect, tears of sadness show that the anime touched the viewers’ souls.

Gurren Lagann’s:

Gurren Lagann's
The frantic plot of Gurren Lagann is full of drive, emotion, and passionate intensity. Nonetheless, the series crafts a story that is both passionate and sincere. Gurren Lagann’s final put viewers in a t state of high emotions, bringing to a close everything the show has been building up to this point. After the ultimate battle with the Anti-Spirals is conquered and the heroes face the melancholy aftermath of their victory, the viewer is hit with a wave of sadness and severe gratification.

Assassination Classroom:

Assassination Classroom
A school comedy about miscreants attempting to murder their nasty but charismatic teacher does not strike viewers as a dismal notion. Throughout two seasons, Assassination Classroom fleshes out its human characters and its presumed opponent, the tentacled monster Koro-sensei. The friendship between the eccentric instructor and his students grows more uplifting and authentic as the show progresses. Despite completing the class’s intended goal of killing Koro-sensei, the show’s tragic climax leaves fans and 3-E students in tears.

Wolf’s Rain:

Wolf’s Rain
Wolf’s Rain is a drama about a dying impoverished universe that continues to exist with just one hope: when the world ends, the gates to a legendary paradise will open. Unfortunately, the only creatures who will know how to get to heaven will be wolves, an extinct race. Nonetheless, a few wolves continue to live among humans, disguised as humans, hoping to one day reach their paradise. The anime follows a group of wolves on their tough trip in quest of the mythical country, which ends in a beautiful, tragic catastrophe.

Gintama’s Melancholic:

Gintama's Melancholic
Gintama, the iconic humor anime, continually surprises fans by successfully shifting the series tone and mood, going from joyous parody to grief-stricken drama in a single episode. Gintama’s 15-year run ended with a poignant, emotional film that capitalized on the years of development peppered across more severe arcs. The stories of several characters, including the series’ adversary, Takasugi, are brought to a close in Gintama’s The Final. His death was one of the most heartbreaking moments, a melancholy blend of characteristic humor and sentimental remembrance.

Violet Evergarden:

Violet Evergarden
Violet Evergarden, like most other Kyoto Animation series, succeeds at capturing the emotions of its characters through magnificent visuals. Violet, an ex-soldier, begins a new career as a letter writer, hoping to reintegrate into society and discover the true meaning of “love.” However, the series’ ending concentrates on Violet’s feelings, as the show’s attentive yet apathetic protagonist gradually begins to feel and comprehend genuine emotions. Complicated feelings may be burdensome and difficult to possess, but Violet begins to see them as a gift from humanity.

Anime films and series are growing increasingly popular. The storytelling in these anime is the basis for their appeal. These anime films and shows realistically depict human emotions. However, this might lead to some terrible and sad times. Most anime series tell amusing stories and attempt to make viewers laugh. There are, nevertheless, some anime series with heartbreaking endings. These films usually have a sad and adult theme. Such subjects necessitate a great deal of attention to detail. However, the consequences can be disastrous if these critical and challenging topics are not addressed with care. Because there are so many anime movies available, deciding which one is perfect for you might be difficult.