Taylor Swift’s Most Beautiful Albums That Cherish Fans

“Taylor Swift is the music industry,” veteran interviewer Barbara Walters famously stated on her show. And, as far as we know, she didn’t get it completely incorrect. Taylor Swift has been in the music industry for as long as we can remember, progressing from country music to cheeky girly pop, to dark cheerful vengeful girl, to effervescent woman with insightful words who can compose lyrics as enchanting as Shakespeare’s crazily intoxicated and in love. Her transitions between eras are fluid and captivating. As the woman grew older, so did the questions: which period was her best, and whose albums stood out the most to critics and listeners? Here are our picks for Taylor Swift’s best albums:

Speak Now:

Speak Now
Taylor Swift’s golden country era is represented by Speak Now. Yes. Nobody, unless they are lying, could ever reject this reality. Although she began as an adolescent country girl, everything feels more mature in this album, which feels like driving in a jeep on a breezy day with a cowboy hat, than in Taylor Swift’s earlier albums like “Fearless” or “Taylor Swift.” She has shown that she has the potential to be the music industry’s “IT” girl with her daring voice in creating songs inspired by her ex, John Mayer. Yes, we’re talking about “Dear John,” the ultimate sorrowful but binge-worthy song about heartbreak that some of us still listen to years after.


Anyone who has spent the last decade studying pop culture will remember the reputation age. For example, the music video for “Look What You Made Me Do” became iconic and the fastest music video surpassing one million views in an hour. It was a pure elegy for a delicate girl constantly taunted by an indestructible woman ready to control her realm. When we want to channel our inner “bad girl,” we might turn to reputation. But not just any bad girl, but a bad girl with the delicacy to convey one’s worry of embracing her love life in “Delicate,” the one who doesn’t hesitate to tell someone you like them in “Gorgeous.”


Who would have expected a lovely pop complete with appealing tunes and cheerful and book-intelligent lyrics so soon after the release of her “Reputation” era? But, hey, that is exactly what occurred. “Lover” is a pop masterpiece that has mostly gone unnoticed in her discography. “Daylight,” for example, is the type of anthem that anyone would sing along to when they are confident that they have discovered “the one” in their lives. At the same time, the song “Lover” is one that we could sing along with our partner at the wedding. “Lover” exudes an unrivalled sense of optimism, childishness, and grace, which wonderfully complemented the music. It is undoubtedly an incredible pop album full of love anthems for everyone.


The hyper pop album ‘1989’ is in second place, close to the top. No other album of hers has received as much attention, praise, and criticism as this one. She won the Grammy Award for in 2014 for the album’s enlightening selection of music, which we can’t help but gorge every time they come on the radio. The entire album is about anxiety acceptance and release, as evidenced in ‘Shake It Off.’ Yet, Taylor’s essential heartbreak lyrics songs still exist via ‘Blank Space,’ embodying a psycho playgirl character that the media painted about her. In addition, ‘Welcome to New York is one of pop culture’s most electrifying album openers.

Folklore and Evermore:

Folklore and Evermore
Folklore and Evermore are, in fact, sibling albums. These albums are identical, and we cannot decide which is superior to the other. Folklore was released first during the pandemic year, with popular singles like “Cardigan” and “Exile,” making it one of the year’s influential albums with its essential sombre tone and beautiful humming. Not to mention the iconic arrangement and production of the hit “August.” Five months later, the album’s sister, Folklore’s younger twin, was published, titled “Evermore,” was published. The album feels a little lighter than “Folklore,” but Swift was clearly on the same path when she made it as she was when she made Folklore.

‘Me!’ and ‘You Need To Calm Down’ had already been released as singles from the album. However, the whole album, which fans have anticipated for a long time, is about to be released. As a result, prepare to hear more Taylor Swift tunes. The recently released track Lover has been well received by both fans and reviewers, with everyone remarking that after so many years in the music industry, she can still produce a new love ballad that no one has heard before a huge compliment, but that’s what everyone expects from an artist like Taylor Swift. Here’s the album art she published on Instagram with the announcement!