Relationship Rumors Related to Niki and Wilbur

Niki and Wilbur are two famous personalities and two famous social media stars who have been rumoured to be dating each other. Still, the two personalities have not opened the about the relationship. During a recent interview, both of them stated that they are very close friends, and their relationship status has not been confirmed. The couple’s fans actively say that they are dating each other. Still, the two creators have not established a relationship with their fans, and they have already said that both are very close friends and have no certain feelings for each other in the present situation. They have been very successful and famous through the streaming platforms for a long time, and that’s why the fans are very excited to know about the relationship.


Who is Niki?

Niki, also known as Nihachuis, a famous German YouTube and a famous Twitch streamer, is very popular for representing gaming content. She has also been a very renowned personality across the internet and has received a very popular response for streaming games like Minecraft. She also consists of over 72000 subscribers on the internet and nearly 250k followers on the platform Twitch. She has been famous since using her YouTube channel in February 2020. After that, she received a lot of success not only in her own country of Germany but across the entire world videos were very popular, and she received a lot of Fame and success for her YouTube channel.


Who is Wilbur?

Wilbur is a famous British YouTuber and musician and is also available on Twitch’s streaming platform. He started his work on YouTube back in 2017 when he first posted a comedy video on his YouTube channel; he became very famous and successful, and later, he started his channel in March 2019 and created successful releases that consisted of music, comedy, folk vocals and many more things and presently consists of total followers of 4.60 million on YouTube with a total view of 25.08 million on the channel. He has had a lot of recognition and success in recent times. He has been very famous and successful for his videos, which receive a lot of successful responses from the general public.

Niki and Wilbur Career

Career Details of Niki and Wilbur

Both Niki and Wilbur have the same career background as both are very famous and successful on the YouTube channel, and both consist of a streaming platform Twitch. The genres of both individuals are not similar to each other but are pretty similar as Niki is primarily known to cover gaming genres. At the same time, Wilbur is famous for covering all types of genres, especially music and comedy. Both successfully started their YouTube channel after graduating from high school, and just after starting their YouTube channel, both of them began to gaming a lot of recognition and success, which made them famous as well as started receiving a decent amount of money through these channels which help them become much more successful.

Niki and Wilbur Relationship

Relationship between Niki and Wilbur

Niki and Wilbur have a lot of common fans, and the fans have made a fan theory related to the relationship between these two personalities as the fans think that both of them are close to each other and consist of a romantic relationship with each other. Despite the relationship rumours provided by the fans for a very long time, the personalities have always stated that they are very close friends with each other and do not have any certain romantic relationship, and have no intentions of creating anything. So it is confirmed that the couple is not dating each other if they had done that; it could have been very prominent through the videos, but the fans just made a theory, and they are not dating.

Niki and Wilbur Net Worth

Net Worth of Niki and Wilbur Calculated

Niki and Wilbur have been very famous and successful personalities for a very long time and have received a lot of money in their careers. Niki is 19 years old and has an overall net worth of 678000 United States dollars in 2022, which she has successfully and through her YouTube channel and her streaming channel. On the other hand, Wilbur has been a much more famous personality on YouTube for a very long time and has represented much more famous videos on it and consist of an overall net worth of 800k United States dollars which is successfully made through his career in the YouTube and other streaming platforms which have helped him have a huge worth.