Plot Analysis of Prime Pawn Korean Movie (2020)

Pawn, a Korean film, will be released in 2020. The film Pawn is about how a non-related blood tie evolves into a much stronger bond than a blood link. The plot revolves around two loan sharks named “Doo-Seok” and “Jong-Bae.” They go after a woman who owes them money. Due to financial difficulties, she does not have the funds to repay right away. As a result, they took off with the woman’s 9-year-old daughter, “Seung-Yi,” as a pawn. Kang Dae-Gyu directed the film, which Yoon Je-known produced. Park Ji-wan handles the screenplay.

About the Movie: Pawn

About the Movie Pawn
The Pawn is a Korean film that will be released in 2020. The film is one of the biggest grossing films, earning over US$13.60 million and 1.72 million admissions. Pawn is ranked eighth among all Korean movies released in the year 2020. They borrowed loans in 1993, and they became loan sharks when they couldn’t pay them back. There was a woman who borrowed their money for urgent purposes. They pursue the woman and discover she lacks the necessary funds. He takes away her 9-year-old daughter to ensure she pays her debts. “Seung-Yi” becomes a pawn in their game. Soon later, the mother is forced to flee the nation.

The cast of Pawn Movie:

Cast of Pawn Movie
The film Pawn is about how unrelated blood can play a significant role in someone’s life and create a family. Sung Dong Il plays Doo Suk, Kim Hee Won plays Jong Bae, Park So Yi plays Seung Yi, and Ha Ji Won plays Seung Yi. They play the lead roles in the film—the plot centers around the lives of these three characters. Several cast members contribute to the plot’s development by playing supporting roles. Yoo Teo as Yoo Deok Hwa, Jung In Ki as Translator Noh, Hong Seung Hee as Seung Yi, Jin Yoo Young as Choi Man Shik, and Yoo Sung Joo as Choi Man Shik.

The plot of the Movie Pawn

Plot of the Movie Pawn
It’s a family comedy-drama, which is a relief because it’s something you can watch with your family. He’s a bit rough and grumpy. There’s Doo-Seok and his stupid partner Jong-bae. They’re all debt collectors for a relatively successful businessman in Incheon. They are dispatched to collect a debt from a woman named Myung Ha. She is a widow and an undocumented immigrant. She is struggling financially because she has a daughter to support. Doo Seok, seeing the woman’s circumstances, decided to use her daughter as a pawn to clear the loan. The lady is a rock brew.

How does the Plot End?

How does the Plot End
They are holding her as collateral until the debt is paid off. Myung Hu must leave the nation since he is an unlawful resident. She considers leaving her daughter with Doo Seok. This is the way her daughter can be in safer care. Initially, the men must deal with the issue of child-rearing. However, the female gradually makes them more responsible and well-mannered. The cute little child’s charm takes them in. In the present day, Seung Mi is a grown-up girl who works as a translator. She is about to board an aircraft to see someone she hasn’t seen in at least ten years.

Streaming Details of the Movie:

Streaming Details of the Movie
Given the short time since the film’s premiere and its success, we anticipate seeing it streamed in the coming months. Even though the film was released in September, its appeal has not waned. Pawn had over 1.7 lakh cumulative admissions in South Korea as of January 2021. The comic and melancholy sections are wonderfully balanced in the film. The cast has excellent chemistry, serving as the cake’s icing. The lovely kid actor demonstrated exceptional acting abilities. Furthermore, even if the film is emotional, it is not depressing because it provides viewers with positive sensations through cute and hilarious sequences.

The film has received excellent reviews. MyDramaList gives the film an 8.1 rating, while IMDb gives it a 7.4. Overall, the rating is good, neither too high nor too low. The movie was released on September 29, 2020. The whole runtime of the movie is 113 minutes, roughly 1 hour 53 minutes. The film’s genres include Action, Comedy, Drama, and Family. This film is available to watch online on any platform. The film is reasonably pleasant, so if you’re looking for something soothing and relaxing, this is the one.