Internet Flooded with the Question: Did Harry Styles spit on Chris pine?

Did Harry Styles spit on Chris at the Venice Film Festival premiere of “Don’t Worry Darling”? No spit is visible on the perspectives of the event published on social media. However, some on Twitter interpret the brief moment’s film as if it were the Zapruder movie, hoping for what happened between them. Styles was seen taking a seat close to Chris, who was applauding. Styles’ lips move just before he sits. Pine glances down at his lap or feet, pauses clapping, and then smiles.

The Scene of Chris Pine and Harry in the Festival:

The Scene of Chris Pine and Harry in the Festival
People Chris has joined the conversation. And by “the chat,” I mean “the Don’t Worry Darling drama that has been running through my thoughts for weeks.” Pine, who co-stars in the film with Harry Styles and Florence Pugh, exaggerated his support for Pugh at the Venice Film Festival, implying that he was not Team Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde—more on that in a moment—which culminated in a fantastic video that I have watched at least 15 times and counting. It’s tough to say what’s going on here, but Twitter suspects Harry Styles may have spat on Chris. ?

Chris Pine Funny Moments at the Festival:

Chris Pine Funny Moments at the Festival
Pine is notoriously lovely—there’s the reason he’s considered as the “Best Chris”—but anyone with even a passing familiarity with the Don’t Worry Darling saga may notice that he’s selecting sides here. Especially given this earlier-in-the-day footage, which shows Pine looking, to put it politely, displeased while Styles speaks: Let’s take a step back. First, here’s Chris, who was at the Venice Film Festival earlier today, enthusiastically promoting Pugh, his co-star in Don’t Worry Darling. Pine has previously praised Pugh, telling Entertainment Tonight, “Florence is a wonderful actress… I can’t be able to say enough good stuff about her.”

Did Harry Styles Spit on Chris Pine?

Did Harry Styles Spit on Chris
Here’s the widely shared first angle, which clearly shows Chris’s reaction. Did Styles spit, or was he just puffing out to calm himself in front of the audience? Was Pine’s chuckle simply an acknowledgment of the couple’s tension? Let’s look at the purported spit in slow motion now. Is there any proof of Styles sputum flying in this video? Our inexperienced eyes cannot notice anything, but we will investigate more. Again, no spittle is visible with the naked eye, and the longer tape shows Styles and Pine speaking happily, which would require strong acting skills from all parties if there was a spitting controversy.

The controversy goes viral:

The controversy goes viral
On Monday, Harry Styles and Chris Pine were at the center of a “spit gate” dispute on social media after attending the Venice Film Festival. Don’t worry; Darling’s press tour has been leisurely, with casting controversies, on-set romances, and a purported feud between Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh, which Wilde was asked about at the film festival. “As for all the endless tabloid gossip and all the noise out there,” she explained, “the internet feeds itself.” “I don’t feel compelled to give.” It is sufficiently nourished.”

What does the Footage Interpret?

What does the Footage Interpret
Harry was caught on camera spitting on his co-star, who got excited. Many fans believe they witnessed the former One Direction member, 28, act and took to Twitter to express their concerns. Several followers tweeted a video of Harry, dressed in a blue suit and a light blue shirt with an oversized collar, walking to his assigned seat as the audience applauded. Chris, 42, in a brown suit jacket, beige pants, and a bow tie, claps his co-star before abruptly stopping as Harry takes his seat.

This topic was trending on Twitter, and everyone randomly commented on their ideas. “The audacity of Harry Styles to SPIT on his costar in public is appalling like… I’m sitting here with my mouth and teeth wide open in excitement and astonishment; he is DISGUSTING,” said another, referring to the singer’s reported antics. However, not everyone agreed with the allegations, and one user responded with slowed-down footage of the “event,” saying, “Literally can’t believe this is what we’ve come to, but Harry Styles didn’t spit on Chris.”