Eric in the Morning Divorce: Eric Ferguson Radio Host Divorced?

Eric Ferguson is a radio host for WRMX-FM in Chicago. Making his debut as an intern at WYTZ-FM in Chicago, He eventually worked for John Records Landecker as a producer. Eric progressed over time to become a producer for WTYZ – “Morning FM’s Zoo.” His big break came when he presented a morning show on WMMZ FM in Gainesville/Ocala, Florida. In 1996, he cohosted WTMX’s morning show in Chicago with Kathy Hart. This was a significant issue. The couple’s 21-year romance ended in 2017 after Hart took a four-month break from the program. WTMX sacked Hart, and the show was renamed “Eric in the Morning.”

Who is Eric Ferguson?

Who is Eric Ferguson
Eric had never met the individual before, and as we all know, no job is simple at first. Before you get involved, you should learn everything you can about it. The radio show was dubbed “The Eric & Kathy Show” by the radio team. The show’s concept benefited from a multi-year marketing campaign that placed their faces on billboards throughout the Chicago area. The channel’s ratings increased, and it was a complete success. This week, the couple has been in the news due to his suspension by radio station owner “Hubbard Radio” and all of the claims leveled against him. Roger Feder, a media blogger in the United States, faces a few allegations of misbehavior by former workers.

Eric and Jennifer Love Story:

Eric and Jennifer Love Story
In the year 2000, Eric Ferguson married Jennifer Moran. Jennifer works as a dentist in Chicago. The couple currently has three children, a son and two daughters. Avery attended The Chicago Academy while playing varsity soccer at Benet Academy. He is enrolled in the University of Texas Moody College of Communication. Peyton, their middle child, was born in 2003 and recently graduated from Benet High School. She is a very versatile student because of her varied hobbies, which include cheering and theatre.

Eric and Jennifer Love Life:

Eric and Jennifer Love Life
Even though there are a lot of negative comments about the radio personality, he has taken outstanding care of his stepdaughter Meghan from Jenifer’s former relationship. In 2020, the couple announced their divorce after 20 years together. Their relationship ended in disaster. They sold their house for $2.899 million in May 2020. The actual cause of their divorce is still unknown. According to reports, Eric has faced several allegations of sexual harassment, and his claimed connections were the impetus for their breakup.

Eric Ferguson Divorce:

Eric Ferguson Divorce
At the station where they both worked, a former co-host named Mellisa accused Eric of being a “serial abuser of women.” Hubbard owns the station, and the show is called The Mix. Her charges were stated in a December complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which she filed in court this week. It all started when McGurren declined to extend his contract at the time. Ferguson allegedly forced Cynthia DeNicolo, another former Mix co-host, to perform sexual favors for him, according to a lawsuit filed in May. Cynthia agreed to commit the heinous deed for fear of losing her job.

Eric Ferguson Allegations:

Eric Ferguson Allegations
Another former co-host has accused famous Chicago radio DJ Eric Ferguson of being a “serial abuser” at the radio station. Melissa McGurren, a former morning co-host on WTMX 101.9-FM, resigned in 2020 after over two decades at the Hubbard Radio Chicago station known as The Mix. The radio station’s officials were taken aback when McGurren refused to extend his contract at the time. McGurren remained tight-lipped about her reasons for departing, save for a cryptic post on social media in which she stated that the truth would be revealed. She alleges she resigned because station executives refused to rein in their top radio personality, who she claims was harassed, mocked, and humiliated to exhaustion.

Eric Ferguson, the anchor of the American Morning show, is married to Jennifer Moran, a dentist in Chicago, and they have four children together. Ferguson married Jennifer, a Chicago dentist. Ferguson married Jennifer in 2000, but the couple divorced in 2020, ending their marriage. The precise reason for their divorce was never revealed, but several tales of sexual harassment claims against Eric and his alleged affairs are thought to be the basis of their split. The family consists of four members: three daughters and one son. Avery and Ethan, their oldest children, were born in 200. Ethan played varsity soccer for Benet Academy, while Avery attended The Chicago Academy For The Arts.