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Na Hong-Jin directs The Wailing, a South Korean horror film. Leading actors include Kwak Do-Won, Hwang Jung-Min, and Chun Woo-Hee. The film depicts a police officer who becomes involved in an investigation into a series of inexplicable homicides and illnesses in a secluded Korean village. A mystery plague or sickness has ravaged the Gokseong hamlet, and his daughter is also threatened. The horror picture was a triumph, performing well both critically and economically. Suh Dong-Hyun and Kim Ho-Sung produced the film. Director Na Hong-jin also wrote the screenplay. Jang Young-Gyu and Dalpalan wrote the film’s score. The editor is Kim Sun-Min, and Hong Kung-Pyo does the cinematography.

About the Movie: The Wailing

About the Movie The Wailing
Kwak Do-won stars as Jong-Goo, a police officer and Hyo-father. Jin He and his family relocate to the rural village of Gokseong. Il-Gwang, a shaman hired to defend the town, is played by Hwang Jung-Min. He plays a role, and the devil eventually takes possession of him. Chun Woo-Hee portrays Moo-Myung, the mysterious white woman. Jun Kunimura plays the Japanese stranger at the center of the struggle and the perpetrator of the unexplained deaths. Kim Hwan-Hee plays Hyo-Jin, Jong-daughter, and Goos. Jang So-Yeon plays Jong-wife, Goo, while Her-Jin plays his mother-in-law. There’s a lot to unpack with a running time of 2 hours and 36 minutes.

How does the Plot Begin?

How does the Plot Begins
After a Japanese man arrives in Gokseong, a small community in South Korea’s highlands, a mysterious sickness spreads, causing the locals to go insane and savagely murder their families. Officers Oh Seong-bok and Jong-goo discuss the Japanese stranger one night at the police station when a naked woman approaches in the rain. They subsequently discover that the afflicted woman, who was raped by a Japanese stranger and was spotted naked in many locations, murdered her family. Jong-goo meets a fascinating young woman named Moo-young at the crime scene, who informs him that the Japanese guy is a ghost and the perpetrator. When Jong-goo goes outside to call Oh Seong-bok, the woman vanishes, and he sees a very frightening figure.

Ending Plotline of The Wailing:

Ending Plotline of The Wailing
The Wailing begins with the arrival of a Japanese guy in Gokseong. It is an isolated village in South Korea’s highlands. Following the arrival of the Japanese stranger, a mystery sickness quickly spreads. The illness drives the people insane, and they begin viciously murdering their families. Moving on, we meet police officer Oh Seong-Bok and his partner Jong-Goo. When a naked woman arrives at the station one night, they discover she has murdered her family. When Seong-Bok and Jong-Goo arrive at the crime site, they meet Moo-Myeong, a mysterious young woman. She informs them that the Japanese stranger is a ghost responsible for the killings.

The Wailing Ending Explained:

Wailing Ending Explained
The Wailing concludes with Moo-Myung driving the demon away from the dwelling. It would have been sufficient to prevent the monster from entering. He would not have been able to enter or kill anyone. That’s what happens till Jong-Goo loses patience. Moo-Myung informs and warns Jong-Goo several times. She tells him his entire family will perish if he doesn’t leave. He tries to wait but eventually loses patience. He pauses and remains, unsettling Moo-Myung in the process. He ultimately decides to break down the barricade and enter the residence. The barrier disappears as he enters, as evidenced by the flower placed by Moo-Myung.

Deleted Scene of The Wailing:

Deleted Scene of The Wailing
Na Hong-debut jin’s film in six years offers a glimpse of profound evil within a terrible cultural clash. The man is seen sitting on a bench in a deleted scene immediately after the story’s conclusion. He sees a family on the other side of the road and approaches a child, offering her candies, but the mother picks up the child before she can reach the stranger. Il-automobile gang arrives and scoops up the Japanese man before departing. Moo-myeong stands in the middle of the road, watching the car fade away.

The Wailing concludes with a sad and tragic climax. As Jong-Goo enters his home, he finds that Hyo-Jin has ruthlessly slain the whole family. Jong-Goo, distraught, calls out to her, but she does not respond. Meanwhile, Il-Gwang appears and pictures Jong-deceased Goo’s family. Jong-Goo, devastated and destroyed, sits by his deceased daughter. With his entire family now dead, a broken Jong-Goo begins to reflect on happier moments with his daughter. There’s also a deleted closing scene going around. Moo-Myung can be seen glancing at a car as it drives away in the deleted ending. Il-Gwang, it turns out, is driving the automobile, and the demon is sitting beside him.