About Back to the Rafters Australian comedy Show

Back to the Rafters is an upcoming drama and comedy television series from Australia. The show will be a spin-off to Packed to the Rafters, aired on the Seven Network. From 2008 to 2013, the show aired. Back to the Rafters depicts a time jump. It picks up six years after the Rafters were last seen. While the older Rafter children face additional challenges, Grandpa Ted works hard to discover his unique calling. Dave and Julie moved to the country with their youngest daughter Ruby. Julie must balance her family obligations while Dave enjoys his newfound independence.

About the Film: Back to the Rafters

About the Film Back to the Rafters
Back to the Rafters is a family comedy-drama television show from Australia that premiered on Amazon Prime Video on September 17, 2021. Back to the Rafters, six years after the last time we saw the Rafters. Dave and Julie have established a new life in the country with their youngest daughter Ruby, while the Rafter children face challenges and Grandpa seeks his place. Julie reconciles her work with the family while Dave enjoys his newfound freedom.

Back to the Rafters Release Date:

Back to the Rafters Release Date
Back to the Rafters is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, September 17, 2021. The iconic TV series, beloved by millions, returns with new stories. It follows the family as they deal with personal pressures and significant social challenges. Amazon Prime released a trailer for Back to the Rafters on its YouTube channel on August 25, 2021. In just a few days, the video exploded in popularity. In just two weeks, the video received 1.7 million views. It shows how popular the show was and how excited people were about its sequel.

Back to the Rafters Streaming Details:

Back to the Rafters Streaming Details
Back to the Rafters was commissioned by Amazon Studios. Seven Studios created it for Amazon Prime members in over 240 countries and territories. The series is executive produced by co-producer Lesley Parker and Associate Producer Katherine Thomson. Bevan, Margaret, Trent Atkinson, and Katherine wrote this series. Jeremy Sims, Lynn Hegarty, and Catherine Millar direct. Six new episodes have been announced. A week’s break will follow each episode. The second episode will air on September 24th, and so on.

Back to the Rafters Filming Locations:

Back to the Rafters Filming Locations
The Amazon series ‘Back To The Rafters’ is shot in Sydney, Australia. The shooting location is the same as in ‘Packed To The Rafters.’ It is widely assumed that because the show is an Australian television series, the producers will try to choose an Australian location to reach out to the show’s audience more directly. A few scenes are also shot at the studios,’ but the studios’ details have yet to be revealed. Rafters make use of rafts. So it is evident that there will be a lot of water bodies, and as we all know, Australia has beautiful long beaches that are ideal for any show or filming.

The plot of Back to the Rafters:

plot of Back to the Rafters
Six years after the events of ‘Packed To The Rafters,’ the story picks up. It follows the Rafters family on their daily adventures. Dave and Julie Rafter had a daughter named Ruby and moved to the countryside to begin a new life. The Rafters’ older children struggle to fit in, and Grandpa Ted struggles to find his place. Dave Rafter is enjoying his newfound freedom, while his wife, Julie, will work to care for the entire family. Those who grew up watching ‘Packed To The Rafter’ may feel a pang of nostalgia after watching this spin-off series. Rebecca Gibney plays Julie Rafter, Erik Thomson plays Dave Rafter, and Hugh Sheridan plays Ben Rafter.

The first rumors about the start of a spin-off were heard in 2019. The cast reunited for ‘Back To The Rafters’ at the end of 2019. It aired on Seven Network, but it will debut on Amazon Prime Video this time. Filming began in Sydney, Australia, in 2020. But for personal reasons, Jessica Marais left the show in February 2020. According to the producers, Georgina Haig’s role will be played in March 2020. After the series production began, the Covid 19 pandemic struck, and filming was halted in March 2020. The shooting was resumed and restarted in September 2020, and the first season of ‘Back To The Rafters’ was completed by October 2nd, 2020.