What’s Wrong With Kim Season 2: Will it Renew?

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim is a 2018 Korean TV series starring Park Seon-Joon and Park Min-young. It is based on the book of the same name by Jung Kyung-Yoon, which was serialized in 2013 and was serialized as a webtoon on Kakaopage in 2015. It aired on tvN for 16 episodes on Wednesdays and Thursdays from June 6 to July 26, 2018.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Season 2 Release date

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim Season 2 Release date

Sadly, there have been no formal statements about season 2. This is why it is difficult to confirm the release date of Secretary Kim Season 2. The drama’s producers and cast are also tight-lipped about their thoughts on Season 2. Unfortunately, there’s no storyline to enjoy.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim: Season One

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim Season One

Lee Young-Joon is the vice president of a large corporation. Then one day, his secretary Kim Mi-seo announces that she is resigning after working for Lee young for 9 years, and his world is turned upside down. Young-Joon talks to a close friend who is a company executive and decides to do everything he can to keep Misu around. During the trip, young-Joon Lee plans many things, and Mi-Soo Kim chooses to find a problematic person after experiencing childhood trauma. Kim Mi-soo and Lee young-Joon fall in love as they heal each other through their kidnapping experiences.

How many Epsidoes in Season 1 of what’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim episodes

One of the most well-liked films in Korea is “Secretary Kim.” It has 16 episodes, was released from June 6 to July 26, 2018, and was a big success. After seeing this movie, many people are still raving about it. Secretary Kim is portrayed in the film as a kind young lady with feelings for President Park. She suddenly discovers that she loves President Kim, her employer.

Where to Watch What Wrong with Secretary Kim?

where to watch season 1

Secretary Kim is a character from the Netflix original series. This drama is about the life story of Kim Jong-un, the son of President Kim Jong-il. God Eater Season 2. It is a drama depicting the daily life of Kim Jong-un, whose father is a “normal man” and whose mother is “the most powerful in the world.” He has been compared to President Donald Trump in many ways, and some critics have compared him to Steve Bannon.