What were the Major Reasons for the Separation of Paolo Contis and Lian Paz?

Paolo Contis is a famous actor; he has been a successful artist since 2004 and is globally recognised as a comedian, actor, and host. Things were very spiced up when the news was made public that Paolo Contis is dating Lian Paz. She was also a very successful dancer and had a regular appearance in The famous Philippines show, Eat Bulaga. The relationship formed very successfully, and the couple were together for a very long time and took the connection to the next step in their marriage. There were specific problems in their lives that resulted in both of them getting separated, and their marriage life also didn’t last for a long time.

Paolo Contis Personal Details

Overview of Personal Details of Paolo Contis

Paolo Contis is a very successful actor of Philippines descent and a great Italian comedian. He started acting as a child and has made notable appearances in the filming industry. He has also won many acting awards while working as an artist in the GMA network for 17 years. In 2009, he played the very successful role of Kobra in the fantasy series Darna. Apart from these years, he has been part of very successful films and series, making him a very successful actor of the present generation. He is presently 38 years of age and was born on the 14th of March 1984. He was married two times and had three children from both his wives.

Lian Paz Personal Details

Overview of Personal Details of Lian Paz

Lian Paz is a very successful dancer and has one professional and online success. She also has nearly 50000 followers on Instagram and was a part of a famous Philippines television dancing show. She was born on the 4th of December 1987 in the Philippines and is presently one of the most recognised celebrities for being a dancer. She has been very successful in dancing and, through this industry, only came across with his ex-husband Paolo Contis. They came very close to each other and ended up marrying, but the marriage didn’t last due to personal reasons, so they had to separate.

Paolo Contis and Lian Paz Children

Children of Paolo Contis and Lian Paz and Present Life

Paolo Contis and Lian Paz got married in 2009, and both were very happy with their decisions and were expecting a healthy future. Paolo Contis was always known to have UNS settled relationships and didn’t have long-term relationships with any of the women he was with. Both of them got two daughters, Xonia and Xylene. After Paolo Contis and Lian Paz separated, both children have been with their mother since 2012. The couple has moved on to a successful life without each other and have started forming relationships with other individuals and are pretty happy in their life. Contis started to date LJ Reyes, while Lian developed a relationship with a businessman named John Cabahug.

Paolo Contis and Lian Paz Married Life

Married Life of Paolo Contis and Lian Paz

Paolo Contis and Lian Paz successfully got married in 2009 as the media gave a grades spotlight to the marriage after the couple announced that they would get married very soon. After this successful marriage in 2009, both seemed to be very happy and were looking forward to their healthy future, and both were very much conscious of the relationship they had formed. Paolo Contis was always known to have one successful relationship, and he wasn’t the one with a long-term commitment with his partner. After a few years of marriage, it was soon out in public that both were facing certain issues while having the relationship and the problems which they were facing were something that led them to their separation.

Paolo Contis and Lian Paz Separation

Reasons for Separation of Paolo Contis and Lian Paz

The major reasons for the separation were never known as the couple never announced why eventually they got separated. Paolo Contis was always known to have one successful relationship and wasn’t very accustomed to his partners. Soon after the marriage, it was very public that the couple was facing certain issues and problems regarding their personal life. The reason wasn’t known, but the couple was known to fight with each other. These personal issues led the couple to get separated from each other, and the daughters both of them had given custody to their mother, who was Lian Paz. In an interview, it was also revealed by Lian Paz that it was not very easy for her to give up on the marriage as she was very much invested in feelings, but I had to do for certain issues.