What Exactly is the Manhwa Killing Stalking? Let’s Know It

The Killing Stalking is a successful Manhwa of South Korea illustrated and written by the famous author Koogi. The Korean comic was successfully published on the Internet in two languages English and Korean, and was produced by Lezhin Comics. It has one get awards and prize money for its successful storyline and plot, and the audiences have loved the entire comic series through its horror and drama genres. The comic series successfully ran from 2016 to 2019, and it had a successful run during the period with several plot twists and great write-ups. Authors have tried for the licensing of the spin series through The killing Stalking, but it isn’t by the author.

Killing Stalking Details

Details Regarding the Killing Stalking

As mentioned by different authors and writers, Killing Stalking is a direct comic series, and the actual genre of the series is psychological horror. Many viewers assume that as the series consists of two men characters, it is a Yaoi, which means a love and relationship connection between two men, but this isn’t the scenario. The relationship between the two lead characters is abusive and not healthy. It cannot be termed Yaoi. The comic series isn’t a BL section series, as the author has directly mentioned that the story is related to a horror series and consists of details related to the plot itself. The Killing Stalking has been a successful horror drama comic series.

Killing Stalking Plot

Direct Plot of the Killing Stalking

The plot of the Killing Stalking series is very natural and deals with a very energetic man Yoon Bum. He has a mental illness and a very difficult past, which makes his life much more difficult. He has a very close relationship with Oh Sangwoo, who saved him from a particular rape attempt during their military days, so he decides to visit his friend’s house. Upon the visit, he sees a bruised woman tied up in the basement, and just when he was about to free her, he was discovered by his friend, a very dangerous serial killer. Sangwoo breaks their ankle of Bum. Though it was seen that there was a love angle between the two characters, the relationship was very abusive and manipulative by the end.

Killing Stalking Characters

Different Characters of the Killing Stalking

The overall series consists of only three lead characters, and the characters of the Killing Stalking comic series eventually became very famous among the viewers. Yoon Bum is the lead character of Killing Stalking, and it is seen that his parents died at a very early age, making him mentally ill. He got bullied in school and was sexually raped and abused in the military. The second lead character of the series was Oh Sangwoo, he is the primary antagonist of the series and has a very feet character in front of the public, and behind the back, he is a kidnapper, rapist, and a serial killer who kills people without any mercy and actually without any reason. Yang Seungbae is a primary investigator of the series and a famous character.

Killing Stalking is it Romamtic

Is the Killing Stalking a Romantic Genre?

The Killing Stalking comic series is not a romance series. The love angle shown between the two characters is not actually a Yaoi but an abusive relationship between the two lead characters of the series. The author of the series has successfully said that it is not a romance series as romance is something which can be abusive end dangerous. Still, everything shown is a psychological horror, and the author claimed that there was no love angle between the two characters and everything was just an infatuation between them. The genre of the Killing Stalking comic series has directly been a horror drama with different mental problems being discussed as well.

Killing Stalking is it Dark

Is the Killing Stalking a Dark Anime Series?

Killing Stalking is a very dark animated series as it consists of a horror drama that has the viewers’ very quick attention. The characters shown in the series have a direct relationship with the dark world, and it has seemed and a plot that is very dark and harmful to the kids. The story was directly written as a dark drama, and everything portrayed in the Anime series killing Stalking is directly related to the darker world where kidnapping and sexual abuse are very common. The storyline of Killing Stalking sees directly suggest that it is a dark drama with different plot twist and storylines with a similar genre.