The Ultimate My Hero Academia: One for All Prime Heroes

One For All is a Quirk in My Hero Academia that involves multiple characters. These are all of its users, in order of strength. It is one of the most potent Quirks found in My Hero Academia. One For All was unintentionally created by All For One when he passed on a Quirk to his ostensibly Quirkless brother. His brother, to his surprise, had a Quirk that allowed power to be passed from generation to generation, and the two capabilities combined to form the incredible One For All. Given the nature of the administration, this Quirk has been used by several characters in My Hero Academia over the years, with Izuku being the 9th and ultimate user.

Yoichi Shigaraki:

Yoichi Shigaraki

Yoichi Shigaraki first used One For All and was probably the weakest of the bunch. He was known to be sickly, and his brother, All For One, frequently took pity on him. Yoichi eventually created the One For All after his brother passed on energy stockpiling Quirk. It is unknown how well he used this power, but it is known that One For All grows stronger the more it is passed down. This, combined with Yoichi’s lack of physical toughness, makes him the least effective use of this power. The favorite heroes of all time by the user.

The Unnamed Users:

The Unnamed Users
So far, One For All has had nine users, but not all have been identified. While fans know the names of seven of its users, the second and third remain unknown. As a result, it is known that their abilities and strengths cannot be accurately assessed. Nonetheless, given their One For All power, they most likely possessed immense strength capable of overwhelming most people. Furthermore, the third user of the administration included the Fa Jin Quirk, which enabled him to store energy and release it at a specific time, resulting in a significant increase in speed and power. It’s possible that the third user was more powerful.

Yagi Toshinori:

Yagi Toshinori
Yagi Toshinori, also recognized as All Might, was previously the Symbol of Peace in My Hero Academia’s world. He inherited Nana Shimura’s One For All Quirk and her desire to help needy people. Yagi claimed One For All and mastered it to the degree that no other user has until now. He could fight All For One at full strength. Yagi was powerful enough to be All For One in his prime. Furthermore, as a last resort, Yagi could access power far more significant than 100 percent of One For All by exceeding all reasonable limits.

Izuku Midoriya:

Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya is the 9th and definitive user of One For All and the strongest. While Izuku hasn’t reached his peak yet, My Hero Academia is a story about how he became the Number One Hero, implying that he will at some point surpass All Might. Izuku has yet to master the power of One For All completely, but when he does, he is just as powerful. Furthermore, One For All grows stronger with each generation, eventually surpassing All Might. In addition, Izuku has access to other Quirks that All Might does not.

En and Nana Shimura:

En and Nana Shimura
After Diagoro Banjo, En became the next One For All user because it happens to be in the right place at the time for the power transfer. En could use the Smokescreen Quirk, which allowed him to create clouds of smoke to conceal his location, which was extremely useful for both hero operations and combat. Nana, the seventh user of the One For All Quirk, was a powerful woman who received the Quirk from En before he died. Nana possessed the Float Quirk, which allowed her to levitate in mid-air, as the name implies.

One for All is perhaps My Hero Academia’s most discussed and significant quirk. It is not unique but also the story’s focal point, the single issue that propels the plot forward. With protagonist Izuku Midoriya being the Ninth User of One for All, here is a list of all the previous Users or Holders of One for All revealed up to My Hero Academia chapter 339. One for All is a quirk that builds up power over time and then releases it at a particular point. It improves the user’s strength, reflexes, speed, and durability. The most distinguishing feature of One for All is that it is an exchangeable peculiarity.