The Spooky Flicks List of Horror Movies in 2022 Canada

These scary movies on Netflix Canada will give you goosebumps, from heart-pounding monster movies to spooky supernatural flicks. Am I looking for the best horror movies to binge-watch on Crave Canada in 2022? Even with all the streaming platforms available, I believe Crave is well worth subscribing to. Crave always has the latest box office hits and, of course, tonnes of incredible horror and thriller movies. While we enjoy movies of all genres, I particularly enjoy horror films because they are so entertaining to watch. The more frightening, the better! Here are some of the most pleasant and scariest horror and thriller movies to watch in 2022 Canada.

Very Nice Day:

very nice day
Lovely Day is a 2022 Canadian horror movie drama directed by Patrice Laliberté. Guillaume Laurin stars as Jeremie, a bicycle courier and conspiracy theory podcaster in Montreal. When Elyane, a social media influencer, moves in next door, he becomes obsessed with her and misses a delivery job, prompting his boss Dom to launch a search to find him. Marc-Andre Grondin, Christine Beaulieu, Mathieu Dufresne, and Sandrine Bisson round out the cast. The film will grandly come to theatres on May 6, 2022. Eremie, a bicycle express, crisscrosses the city at breakneck speed, delivering anonymous backpacks while blindly following the orders of his boss Dom. Jeremie, who is lonely, records a podcast in which he shares his paranoid conspiracy view of things.

The Last Mark:

The Last Mark
The Last Mark is a 2022 Canadian thriller film directed by Reem Morsi. Shawn Doyle plays Keele, a hitman on his final assignment before retiring; when sex worker Peyton (Alexia Fast) witnesses his and his partner Palmer’s (Bryce Hodgson) successful killing of the target, Keele abducts her intending to help her escape the country for her safety before Palmer can find and kill her. The cast includes Jasmin Geljo and Jonas Chernick as Eli and a fixer Keefe hires to help him get Peyton to safety. The film was screened for distributors during the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival’s Industry Selects program.

Family Game:

Family Game
Family Game is a 2022 Canadian crime drama film directed by Rafal Ouellet. The film is set in Quebec’s Bas-Saint-Laurent region and centers on the Arsenaults, a family who has been involved in illegal poaching and reselling of wild meat out of the back of their family-owned garage. The return of his criminally inclined brother Anthony and the arrival in town of Emilie, a radio host, complicate Adam’s plans to leave the criminal enterprise and run the business honestly. Luc Picard plays Adam and Anthony’s father Andre, Julien Poulin plays their grandfather Armand, and Micheline Lanctot plays Irene.

Crimes of the Future:

Crimes of the Future
Cronenberg’s Crimes of the Future is a 2022 science-fiction body horror film starring Viggo Mortensen, Léa Seydoux, and Kristen Stewart. In a future world where evolution has accelerated for some individuals, the film follows a performance artist duo who perform surgery on audiences. Despite having the same title as David Cronenberg’s 1970 film, it is not a remake because the story and concept are unrelated. This film marked Cronenberg’s return to the science fiction and horror genres. The film is a collaboration between Canadian, French, British, and Greek production companies. It had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in 2022. It was released in France on May 25, 2022, and in Canada on June 3, 2022.


Avalon Fast’s feature directorial debut, Honeycomb, is a 2022 Canadian horror film directed and co-written by her. Rowan Wales, Sophie Bawks-Smith, Jillian Frank, Destini Stewart, and Mari Geraghty star in it. It had its virtual premiere on January 27, 2022, at the Slamdance Film Festival and its Canadian premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival. Five teenage girls leave society searching for something more unique in this psychological horror film… Five small-town adolescent girls leave their mundane lives behind and move into a disused cabin. As they become more isolated, their world fills with imagined rituals and rules, but the events of one summer night threaten to end their age of ignorance forever…

Do you want to make your own Canadian horror watch list? We want you to as well! Begin by watching every single Canadian horror film ever made. Currently, we’re witnessing a terrifying but exhilarating revival of the genre. Supernatural ghost stories, fake blood, gore, and jump scares are all welcome all year, and thankfully, a slew of chilling horror films are on the way in the coming years. A solid lineup of horror titles is confirmed to be available for our viewing pleasure between now and the end of the year. There will be plenty more events that have yet to be added to the calendar. Inspect out the upcoming scary movies.