The Best Favorite List of Film 2002 that We All Love At Any Point of Time

From fantasy adventure to spine-chilling horror, Ranker fans had a difficult time choosing the best movies of 2002. Stills from Chamber of Secrets, Spider-Man, and Catch Me If You Can 2002 was a watershed year in film, with many of the popular franchises of the time, such as Spider-Man and Harry Potter, still seeing iterations in the 2020s. To commemorate the 20th anniversary, moviegoers on the famous ranking site Ranker participated in a poll to wax nostalgic and vote for their favorite films that came out in theatres in 2002. Mercifully for voters, the year 2002 provided a dizzying array of films to choose from. From movies that competed for an Oscar and grossed millions of dollars at the box office.


M. Night Shyamalan had already established himself as the master of plot twists by the time 2002 rolled around. Shymalan’s film, Signs, a story about a family in Pennsylvania who must defend their farm from an alien invasion, became a critical and commercial success in 2002, following the enormous success of The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. Signs demonstrated M. Night Shyamalan’s masterful story-telling and ability to capture and hold an audience’s attention until the final credits rolled. Characters left many fans in shock and awe in 2002, thanks to a spine-chilling score composed by James Howard and moving performances from the ensemble cast.

Red Dragon:

Red Dragon
Red Dragon, a prequel to the critically acclaimed Silence of the Lambs, reintroduced audiences to the sadistic Hannibal in a film where he again assists the FBI in finding another serial killer on the loose. Anthony Hopkins would return as the infamous Lector, but the film would also feature Edward Norton, Ralph Fiennes, and Harvey Keitel. Because Red Dragon was a prequel, it was more approachable to audiences while still delivering the signature creeps of Silence of the Lambs. A psychological thriller with plenty of twists and turns, the film would keep audiences on edge until the very end.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets:

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter’s franchise second part, the Chamber of Secrets, the second film in the hugely successful franchise, would continue the trio’s story as they investigate the mysterious Chamber of Secrets opening. Chamber of Secrets would also continue the franchise’s success, grossing more than $800 million worldwide. With the massive success of the books and the first film, it seemed natural that Chamber of Secrets would do well with audiences. However, much of the film’s success stems from its ability to maintain the first film’s magical charm while also introducing a diverse range of original characters and risks, bringing enough new elements to the table to gratify all filmgoers.

Ice Age:

Ice Age
The narrative of an unlikely trio and occasionally speechless squirrel became the surprise animated hit of 2002, and it was the only animated film that Ranker fans voted into the top 10. Ice Age’s unexpected success was primarily because it was produced by Blue Sky Studio, which had never previously created an animated film. Despite Blue Sky Studios’ infancy, Ice Age was a huge success, owing to the film’s universal appeal. Ice Age could bring joy to parents and children due to its excellent animation for the time and witty humor. Its success spawned several sequels, but the original Ice Age would last for many years.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s dominance makes it difficult to imagine a world without a yearly superhero film. While there had been super-hero films before Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, the enormous success of the iconic fighting off the Green would usher in a new era of movies and lay the groundwork for the ultimate MCU. Spider-Man had amazing graphics, especially compared to contemporary standards. Still, it won over audiences because of its perfect casting of Tobey Maguire as the titular character and Willem Dafoe as the chaos villain. Despite Raimi’s reputation for horror, many consider Spider-Man one of his best-haunted films.

2002 was an abnormally successful year for film. It saw a good mix of populist and artsy films. When Peter Jackson and Pedro Almodovar release movies in the same year, you know it will be a good year. A wide range of folk is available, from horror to thriller to romance. Consider yourself. Here is a list of the best movies released in 2002. As previously stated, some of the century’s best films were released in 2002. Who could forget popular 2002 action films such as Spider-Man? Some of the names in the film industry appeared in the best movies of 2002. In 2002, some of the best films of all time were released.