Review of The Good Doctor Season 4: A Corona based Series

Good Doctor Season 4 premiered on ABC on November 3rd, and many fans have been waiting for it. Last season ended with the sudden death of the Doctor. Neil Melendez was fatally injured in a devastating earthquake in the season finale. However, when the first episode of season 4 premiered, fans were shocked to learn that the story wasn’t what they expected.

What was the Plot of The Good Doctor Season 4?

Plot of The Good Doctor Season 4


At the beginning of The Good Doctor, a woman walks into a store and gives money to the cashier, but not until she coughs. With no mention of the coronavirus, fans already know that the pandemic will be at the centre of episode 1. The woman eventually went to the hospital worried she might have contracted the virus, but Morgan Reznick said the novel coronavirus does not cause strep throat

The Cast of The Good Doctor Season 4

the good doctor season 4 cast

  • Shaun Murphy is Freddie Highmore.
  • As Claire Browne, Antonia Thomas
  • Morgan Reznick is played by Fiona Gubelmann.
  • As Alex Park, Will Yun Lee
  • Audrey Lim, played by Christina Chang
  • As Lea Dilallo, Paige Spara
  • Marcus Andrews, played by Hill Harper
  • Aaron Glassman is played by Richard Schiff.

19 & 20 Episode Summary to Get a Recap 

Recap of series

In the first part of the two-part season finale, the St. Bonaventure team travels to Guatemala on a surgical mission to help patients in a rural hospital. When they get there, the group encounters a small community in desperate need of help, but deciding who can help the most is difficult. Shawn seems to be doing well in Guatemala, but Lee is still reeling from losing a child.

Whereas in Episode 20, Dr A’s sudden power outage at a hospital in Guatemala forces Shawn Murphy to perform a dangerous operation on a patient without electricity. Meanwhile, the relationship between Dr Lim and Dr Matteo Rendon Osma deepens as they overcome difficulties during the process.

Review of The Good Doctor Season 4

Review of The Good Doctor Season 4

The show’s premiere was highly anticipated, but the fictional take on the pandemic didn’t sit well with some fans. People took to social media to protest the show’s decision to mimic the real tragedy caused by the pandemic.

One person wrote on Instagram: “Glad the show is back, but why does everyone have to get the coronavirus?” “I wish the story wasn’t about COVID-19. The dolls on the show are my escape from hell,” explained another. One fan criticized her, saying, “Season 4 would be boring.” “This season hits close to home for a lot of people. I don’t see it,” another user wrote.

Others advocated raising awareness of the epidemic to make frontline workers aware of day-to-day realities. One netizen wrote: “Working on the front line with Corona 19 patients… Thank you for sharing your story.” “Don’t say anything negative about this show. How could they not stop the epidemic?” Another user participated in the survey.