Meet the Cleaning Up Cast: The Best KDrama

Dramas are adapted from many mangas and other international television productions, with the most recent addition being K-drama Cleaning Up. Cleaning Up, a jTBC drama is based on the 2019 British television show of the same name. The series has had a great run in the United Kingdom, and the K-Drama versions intend to replicate that popularity. People in Korea are fascinated by the Cleaning Up cast because the drama focuses on three women. Some of the industry’s most gifted actresses have been cast. The plot centres around three women who work as housekeeping workers for a brokerage firm.

The Plot of Cleaning Up Movie:

Plot of Cleaning Up Movie
Cleaning ladies Eo Yong Mi, Ahn In Kyung, and Maeng Soo Ja work at a brokerage firm. Eo Yong Mi raises her two girls independently and struggles to make ends meet. An In Kyung wants to buy a food truck and start a mobile cafe. Maeng Soo Ja appears to be highly gregarious, yet she only interacts with people when she needs them. These three cleaning ladies just happened to overhear insider information at work. They use insider trading information to invest their money in a stock. They are working hard to provide a brighter future for their children while also fulfilling their personal goals.

Jung-ah Yum:

Jung-ah Yum
Yum Jung-ah plays Eo Yong-mi in the film. Eo Yong-mi is a single mother who is struggling to make ends meet. She is raising two girls while attempting to thrive in society. Yum Jung-ah is well-known for her role in SKY Castle, in which she portrays a wealthy mother who will go to any length to ensure her daughter’s future. Seeing her in a similar part but in a different setting will be fascinating. She has also appeared in the critically praised films A Tale of Two Sisters and Start-Up.

So-min Jeon:

So-min Jeon
South Korean actress Jeon So-min plays Ann In-Kyung, who wants to try something new. She aspires to buy a food truck and operate an innovative mobile cafe. She, along with the two female stars, is attempting to change her life. Jeon So-min is well-known for appearing on the famous variety show Running Man. She is also renowned for her roles in Cinderella and dramas such as Princess Aurora and Something About 1%.

Jae-Hwa Kim:

Jae-Hwa Kim
Maeng Soo-ja is played by Kim Jae-Hwa. Soo-Ja appears friendly, yet she is picky about who she associates with. She is regarded as a charmer who uses her abilities to befriend everyone who can help her. Kim Tae-Hwa was previously seen in the 2012 television series As One. She also appeared in the dramas So Not Worth It, My Strange Hero, and Extraordinary You.

Supporting Characters:

Supporting Characters
Na In-woo plays Lee Doo-young, an engineering PhD student who becomes involved with the three ladies. He’s adept with machinery and electricity so he could help the three women. His character would undoubtedly add some fun to the plot. Lee Moo-Saeng also appears as Lee Young-shin, a mystery informant at a law company. Moo-saeng appears dynamic and engaging in the mysterious role, and people are eager to see him in it. The show’s creators predict that these two guys will undoubtedly win the hearts of the drama’s female fans. To be honest, I can’t wait to see it.

It’ll be interesting to see how they try to change their life with this hidden information, and if it’s even legal. The narrative makes for a terrific dark comedy, yet economic inequity is a genuine issue in South Korea, so the substance will also be eye-opening. Cleaning Up follows three cleaners at a financial firm, Eo Yong-mi, Ahn In-kyung, and Maeng Soo-JA. They resort to insider trading to feed their families and fulfil their aspirations after accidentally overhearing financial information.