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A Classic Horror Story starts with the main characters embarking on a journey. Ricardo, Fabrizio, Mark, Sofia, and Elisa are taking a road trip through Southern Italy. The road trip abruptly ends when they collide with their RV. In the middle of a clearing, they come across a creepy cabin. The group then makes their way to the place. In the house, they discover a lot of creepiness. A Classic Horror Story is a 2021 horror film directed by De Feo and written by Roberto, Paolo Strippoli, Lucio Besana, and Milo Tassone. Matilda Lutz, Francesco Russo, and Peppino Mazzotta star in the film. Netflix released the movie on July 14, 2021.

How does the Plot Start?

How does the Plot Start

Despite her reservations, Elisa plans to carpool through a rideshare app to her parent’s home in Calabria to get an abortion. She boards an RV driven by blogger Fabrizio, who is accompanied by Riccardo, a doctor, and an outgoing couple named Sofia and Mark. When Elisa’s morning sickness forces the group to stop, Mark takes over driving for Fabrizio. Mark drinks beer while driving that night and crashes into a tree when he swerves to avoid running over a goat’s corpse. Elisa awakens in the morning to find the group administering first aid to Mark’s broken leg. They notice they aren’t longer on the street.

How does the Plot End?

How does the Plot End
The town mayor is revealed to be a member of the ‘Ndrangheta, the regional Italian Mafia group funding his film. Elisa kills Chiara with a shotgun as she exits the vehicle. She then shoots Fabrizio, and he begs for mercy, but Elisa also kills him while filming everything with a handheld camera. She discovers a way out of the forest via a fence that falsely labels the area as a restricted military zone. She emerges from the woods on a beach, covered in blood, and is captured on cell phones by bathers as she dives into the sea. A BloodFlix app user participates in a virtual chat about Fabrizio’s movie, which aired with the final footage of Elisa killing him in a post-credits scene.

A Classic Horror Story Cast Ending Explained:

A Classic Horror Story Cast Ending Explained
Elisa keeps a close eye on Fabrizio’s RV. She discovers that Chiara is Fabrizio’s sister and a recurring actor in her films. As Chiara opens the RV door, Elisa stands outside with a shotgun. Chiara is killed, and Fabrizio is shot in the leg. He tells her not to shoot him and to find a way for him not to be killed. Elisa, disguised, tells him not to worry. She then shoots him in the mouth while filming everything. She then makes her way through the woods until she reaches a beach. Elisa’s phone signal returns after the families on the shore begin filming her. She then walks to the beach and jumps in.

Who are all of the A Classic Horror Story Cast?

Who are all of the A Classic Horror Story Cast
The New York Times officially named A Classic Horror Story of the top five horror films to watch on streaming in July 2021. On the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, half of the reviews from ten critics are positive, with an average rating of 5.7/10. Matilda Lutz plays Elisa. Mark is played by William Merrick. Yuliia Sobol plays Sofia. Korovkin, Justin Riccardo is played by Peppino Mazzotta. Cristina Donadio was elected mayor. Fabrizio is played by Francesco Russo. Daniel Rose plays Chiara / nameless actress Alida Baldari Calabria in The Masked Goat. The group resumes their journey and finds themselves back where they started. Frustrated and terrified, they seek refuge in the cabin’s attic once more. Fabrizio pours some beer for the group, and they all take a rest afterward.

Exciting Plotline of A Classic Horror Story(Escape Attempt)

Exciting Plotline of A Classic Horror Story(Escape Attempt)

After running for a while, they come across the wreckage of dozens of cars. The main characters are not the first to suffer a terrible fate. As the group tries to make sense of the terrifying situation, conflicts emerge. Sofia accuses Richardo of refusing to let her go to help Mark. On the other hand, Mark blames her, claiming she didn’t try hard enough to save Mark. The girl shows Elisa a book with a photograph of her family inside one of the abandoned cars. Her family suffered the same fate as Mark’s, with the girl being the sole survivor. The young lady then writes her name, Chiara, on the diary and demonstrates it to Elisa.

Fabrizio takes Elisa inside the cabin and embraces her near the end of A Classic Horror Story. When Elisa spots the beer bottle, it hits her. She wonders why she didn’t wake up during the chaos. She inquires as to what he put in her beer. Fabrizio lies and eventually abandons his act. When he says, “take her,” masked individuals grab Elisa and drag her away. She is led to a dining table, where we see the entire cult of masked people known as the “Mafia,” except they are no longer masked. The “Mom,” the cult’s matriarch, is seated at the opposite end of the table. The dinner guests all creepily imitate Elisa’s whimpering in pain.